9 Best Water Separator for Air Compressor | You Can Easily Install

The performance of an air compressor reduces when elements are stuck in it or the air hose.

Did you notice your air gun not running with the maximum power or decrease in its recovery time?

If yes, you should attach the best water separator for air compressor on it.

Water separators are designed to arrest impurities – like dust or dirt.

Once this dirt is trapped in the water separator, your air tools perform smoothly and quickly.

Another good news here is that you don’t need to find the perfect water separator.

We have already gotten this job done.

All you have to do is skim through the list, keep the buying guide below in mind, and pick one.

Review Of 9 Best Water Separator For Air Compressor

1. NEIKO 30252A

Best all-around Water Separator for Air Compressor

Why Should You Buy it?

Are you looking forward to having a durable water separator for an air compressor? Neiko 30252A is all there for you. It is a universal design with an  ¼ NPT port size. Ultimately, that allows you to use air tools like a spray gun, nailers, or sanders smoothly.


It has a brass fitting which is perfectly coated with aluminum. That prevents any dust or rust from rusting it and decreasing the lifetime.


As an adjustable unit, it deals with any pressure ranging from 25 PSI to 150 PSI. Well, that’s good news, as most air compressors under 6 gallons have the same pressure ranges. At the time of installation, you’d need a Teflon tape so keep that in hand.

We’d like to mention a Pro-tip that makes sure the drain valve faces the bottom at the time of drainage. Manufacturers have not mentioned it, and we figured it out ourselves for simpler and quicker drainage


  • Easy to use
  • Fits the bill
  • Compatible with several tools
  • Durable


  • Require Teflon tape to tighten the fitting

2. NANPU Compressed Air Filter

Best Easy-to-Use Air Filter

Why Should You Buy it?

If you don’t have enough space to install two units or don’t want to buy oil and an air filter separately, the NANPU air filter has got your back. Along with trapping water from passing through the hose and reaching air tools, it keeps the oil inside your air compressor.


It is made out of metal and brass. As a three-in-one design, regulator+filter+lubricator, this device is sophisticated and convenient for smooth performance with air compressor and air tools.

While this separator has an inlet and outlet size of 3/8 inches, you can also have others. It also comes in 1, ½, ¼, and ¾ inches and a few with the auto drain system, just like this one.


It has an auto drain valve at the bottom. When filled 3/4, the unit auto-drains the water for continuous and easy use of your air compressor. We really like its pre-assembled wall mount and the metal cover.

Now, what we are a little disappointed with is its plastic bowl. For better performance, we used it with the metal version, and it then performed pretty well. Let us also mention that the left bowl is for water, while you can add oil to the right bowl when facing the gauge.

The pressure adjustment knob also appears flimsy. So, it’s pretty important to adjust the pressure smoothly


  • Good for housing needs
  • Auto drain
  • Multi worker
  • Built-in wall mount


  • Flimsy pressure adjustment knob

3. Ingersoll Rand Water Separator

Best Water Separator for Painting

Why Should You Buy it?

If you have an air compressor with maximum pressure up to 150 PSI, pick this up. Ingersoll Rand Water Separator is a heavy-duty water trap filter for the air compressor.


The water separator has an aluminum construction and ensures durability for years. While it fits the best for spray guns, it readily pairs with the other pneumatic tools like air ratchet and impact gun to help them work leniently.

Like the Nando water separator, the inlet size of this water separator is the same. It is 1/4 inches and holds the air and water tight.


Designed to be functional, this unit traps the water and solid particles to keep them from invading your air tools. It handles a pressure under 150 PSI, and definitely, we are talking about the hotdog and pancake air compressor here.

To test its performance, we installed it with the regulator and a lubricator. On checking after a while, there were water droplets on its side walls which shows that it works efficiently. For drainage (since it’s manual drainage), we detached the bowl and drain the water out. So, we can confidently say that it’s easy to use.

While detaching this bowl for drainage, we noticed that the bowl was fragile. So, handle it with care when you drain. However, the two years warranty makes it reliable.


  • Easy to install
  • Usable with many tools
  • Reasonable price
  • Two years warranty


  • Fragile bowl

4. TAILONZ Air Filter

Best Automatic Water Separator for Air Compressor

Why Should You Buy it?

If you believe manual draining is a challenge and want to have the best automatic air compressor water separator, there you go with Tailonz air filter. It has pressure-triggered drainage. So, when the pressure build-up, the unit shuts the drainage valve itself. Once this pressure goes down, it opens the valve and releases the water.


The water separator is of aluminum. Thanks to the aluminum, the unit stays in good shape for long years to come and prevents rust. Similar to Nando and Neiko water separator, it has an inlet size of 1/4 inches, so you can easily connect it to multiple air compressors out there.

The unit has the drain valve downwards, the gauge in the center, and the adjusting knob on top. One Pro tip to have the gauge right is off-setting the gauge stem and turning it 90 degrees.


While this unit is automatic, you can also manually drain it for more accuracy. Although adjusting the knob is quite easy to operate, it takes time to get familiar with it.

This water separator works well with airbrushes, spray guns, and other air tools. The best thing we believe about it is that it comes with everything you need to get started, including tape.

It’s built to hold the maximum pressure of 145 PSI and 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. So, make sure you are buying it for a pancake air compressor.


  • Works pretty well
  • Lenient price
  • Prevents leakage
  • Easy to put together


  • Gauge is hard to read

5. Mudder Water Oil Separator

Best Cheap Water Separator for Oil Compressor

Why Should You Buy it?

For DIY enthusiasts and garage owners running short on pennies, a Mudder water oil separator is the best option here. It is one of the cheapest units but looks stylish on the air compressor.


It’s a transparent water separator with polycarbonate glass walls. Due to this, you get to know when the unit is filled with elements and ready for the drain. To drain, push the release button, and the captured debris will dispose of.

The aluminum body with the brass fitting multiples its life span. Solid, liquid, or gas, the filter captivates every type of contamination to help you do a flawless job. Featured with a 1/4 inches inlet size, it is compatible with most of the air compressors out there.


While the lowest it can handle is 1-2 PSI, the maximum pressure it holds is 90 PSI. We figure that’s the reason for its affordability since it holds the lowest pressure of all, but there’s no doubt about its efficiency and high-end performance.

We connected it to the spray primer, and it helped with painting even. Compared to other separators, it traps the moisture tight as we didn’t notice a single air bubble during painting.


  • Captures every impurity
  • Able to connect to compressors directly
  • Large life span
  • Universal inlet size


  • Good for compressors with low max pressure only

6. Creation Core Water-Oil Separator

Best Durable Water Compressor

Why Should You Buy it?

Even though Creation Core is an oil-water separator for an air compressor, you can also use it with air-operated pumps. That’s what makes it versatile but remember, it’s a hand pump. The package includes a kit of filter, separator, gasket, and a seal ring.


Over the brass fitting, the manufacturers have coated it with aluminum. This aluminum keeps your unit safe from rust and increases its lifetime.  Additionally, it has dual-layered filtration, working better than others.


Keeping attention to detail, it comes with a sleek blue appearance. The manufacturer state it pairs best with 30 MPA, which converts to 4351 PSI. Unlike most of the water separators here, you can use it with professional air compressors and not only the pancake. In fact, you can pair it with a lot of air guns.

The most complaints about this water separator are about the leakage. We have heard that it leaks from both ends, but in our opinion, that’s not something you can’t sort out with a Teflon tape.

As one of the cheapest options here, you can bet your bucks on it if you run short on pennies. Check out its price and availability now.


  • High pressure holding capacity
  • Remove all impurities
  • Comes with spare filters
  • Cheap priced


  • Leaks from ends

7. Le Lematec AI303-C1

Most Versatile Water Separator for Air Compressor

Why Should You Buy it?

Unlike other water separator manufacturers, Le Lematec knows your concerns. So, it mentioned the unit’s flow direction to prevent any confusion during installation. A powder coating gun, paint gun, and plasma cutter are the tools it works perfectly with.


With its brass fittings and aluminum cover, this is sure a durable unit. The inlet has ¼ inch port size, allowing universal compatibility.


Although manual, the drainage is pretty simple. Press the button on the right at the bottom to extract the trapped elements and water. However, the drainage is slower than its counterparts since the drain holes appeared a little small to us, but they do the job.

With the pressure handling of 0 PSI to 150 PSI, it readily traps the water, oil, and dust from air compressors of different models. Like the Tailonz air filter, it comes with Teflon tape to ease installation and fix any air leaks you encounter.


  • Indication of flow direction
  • Reasonable price
  • Comes with a Teflon tape
  • Works pretty well, despite the position


  • Drain holes appear a little small

8. THB Water Trap Separator

Best Reliable Water Separator for Air Compressor

Why Should You Buy it?

Here comes the one and only semi-automatic draining water filter and separator for air compressors: THB Water Trap Separator. It holds the moisture until the pressure comes from the air compressors and discards the contents once it reduces.


The water separator is made of aluminum to increase its lifetime and durability. Unlike most water separators, it has an inlet size of 1/2 inches.

Other than this ½ inch filter, it also comes in the size of 3/8 inches. So, you can pick one according to your needs. Not only is the unit easy to use, but easy to install.


Know that the filter doesn’t get plugged directly in line with the air compressor. You’d need PVC connections and pipes to be bought separately, which adds up a little to its cost. One feature to look at is that it sometimes leaks air through the side holes.

What sets it apart is the maximum air pressure it handles. It holds a pressure up to 175 PSI quite well, so you can pair it with various air compressors out there.


  • Installation is simpler
  • Easy to operate
  • Traps a good amount of moisture
  • Standard pressure hold


  • Leak air through side holes

9. FASTTOBUY Oil Water Separator

Most Well-Designed Water Separator

Why Should You Buy it?

Have you ever noticed the smell your water separator gives off? If yes, you won’t anymore, all thanks to this FASTTOBUY separator that makes sure to keep the nasty odors. It’s an air-water separator for air compressors and promises to keep your tools in good shape for prolonged use.


It is made of brass with a thick layer of aluminum for durability. It performs well with a 99% accuracy rate and is not even less than any in looks. Besides blue, it also comes in gold which matches the brass and looks great when applied. Its inlet size is 8MM which users say has a big diameter.


Its dual-layered fitting makes the filtration process smarter and more accurate than ever. Also, it holds a maximum pressure of 30 MPA or 4351 PSI, which is efficient enough for the high pressure of many air compressors out there.

Similar to the Creation Core Water-Oil Separator, it costs more than the latter unit.


  • Sturdy built
  • Excellent results
  • Best for high-pressure air compressors
  • One year warranty


  • The large diameter of the female end

Buyer Guide

How to Choose The Best Water Separator For Air Compressor?

With every manufacturer tagging their separator as the best water separator for air compressor, do you think you’d be able to find a reliable unit for your needs? We don’t think so, but you can surely handpick one using this buying guide. So, check it out once.

Draining System

Three types of water separators are there in the category of drainage. The first is manual, the others are semi-automatic, and the last one is automatic. As the name implies, manual water separators demand you drain them from time to time.

Semi-automatic release contaminants when pressure from the air compressor decreases. Lastly, the automatic ones release and control the system all by themselves, freeing you from hassles. Pick the one according to your preference.

Maximum Pressure Capacity

Check out the maximum pressure a water separator promises to hold. If you use a pancake or hotdog air compressor, a unit handling 150 PSI maximum will be sufficient enough. Still, we’d suggest comparing the maximum pressure of the water separator to your air compressor.

Built Material

Count on each part’s material to know if the filter would last you long. The bowl material of your water separator should be metal, for instance.

Moreover, the inside of the filter should be brass, while the outer material must be aluminum. Aluminum is best at preventing corrosion and promises the durability of a unit.

Inlet and Outlet Size

Without the compatibility of your water separator’s inlet and outlet size to the compressor, one’s of no use. That’s why check out the port size of one and its compatibility with your air compressor or tool.

The ¼ inches separator is universal for most compressors. But ½, ¾, 3/8 inches, and many sizes are available out there.

Price and Warranty

Always compare the price and features of one water separator with the other to have the best deal in town. Also, have a unit with a couple of years of warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to install the water separator on the air compressor?

There is a hose going along with the compressor gauge. Insert your water separator in it and fix it. On the other end of the separator, fit in the long hose pipe, and that’s all.

What is the best water separator for an air compressor?

NEIKO 30252A is the best water separator for air compressors. It has top-notch built with aluminum and comes with a ½ inch inlet size. This way, it is universal and gets paired with most compressors out there.

It is ideal for Paint/spray guns, pneumatic tools, or sanders. It is a moisture filter for the air compressor, and you can drain it off with a quick-release button at the bottom. Check out the above-detailed review for a more precise idea.

How long does a water separator on an air compressor last?

It relies on certain pointers like your usage and the unit’s capability to carry out the task. A general rule of thumb says that one can function for around 1,000 hours. Depending on the above factors, the lifetime can reduce.


There we complete today’s edit on the best water separator for air compressor. When you buy one, make sure to check out the drainage system, maximum pressure one can hold, built material, inlet and outlet size, and price.

If you ask us, the Neiko water separator is the perfect option for most compressors. We found it easy to install and use, and the outlet size compatible with multiple air compressors. Although manual, you can easily drain it by simply pressing a button.