Oil vs oil free air compressor ( Everything You Need To Know )

Oil-less vs. oil air compressor, everything about them is here.

The air compressors are used for professional, domestic, and commercial purposes. There are many variations in air compressors, from industrial air compressors to centrifugal compressors and Oil-free air compressors to the Oil lubed. It has been asked which air compressor machine is the best, and a comparison of oil-free vs. oil compressor exists.

It’s tough to decide which type of air compressor should be picked up. Which instrument is the best for you, oil-less or Oil lubricated? Which kind of machine suits you very well according to your demand and need?

After reading this informative piece of writing, you will discriminate and choose the right one because we have evaluated each point and question you have in your mind about both these types. You are going to find the best air compressor for you.

Are the oil less and oil-lubricated air compressors the same?

You might think Oil lubricated vs. oil less air compressors are similar in every aspect, but they are not the same according to their multiple uses. Both types are different somehow in cost, noise production, reliability, portability, purpose, and functionalities.

Let’s talk about them individually and in-depth.

Oil lubricated Air Compressors.

In this machine, the Oil is used as an external lubricant. The primary purpose of using Oil-based lubricants in compressors is to reduce friction, noise, heat and enhance consistent efficiency. People think that air compressors with external oil lubricants are costly enough and specified for a specific temperature and environment. But it doesn’t work like that.

As compared to oil less air compressors, this compressor is used on industrial and commercial bases. If you need heavy and all-day nonstop work, Oil-based air compressors are the best and referred to as Oil-free machines.

Many other factors like air compressor oil filters are usually used for getting clean and contaminated air from this instrument. It is much durable and reliable, and it provides the maximum output and efficiency.

It is less portable and hard to move from place to place due to its size. Because it is a heavy-duty machine for specified heavy tasks, this is undoubtedly the most preferred and convenient product for professional and industrial use.


  • Can be used for both industrial and domestic purpose
  • It produces less amount of heat
  • Has less amount of noise
  • It is made for heavy-duty word
  • For heavy cause, it can work all the day without any break
  • There is less maintenance required for usage
  • It will provide you the higher revolution per minute (RPM)
  • Oil-lubricated compressors provide you higher air pressure in PSI and cubic feet per minute
  • It is used for longer life spam
  • More reliable than the other compressors
  • Very comfortable in any hot environment


  • It is very bulky in size
  • These compressors occupy more space as compared to the oil-less compressors
  • These are less portable and mobile
  • You have to use an air filter for clean air
  • More costly because of its duty

Oil-free or oil-less air compressors

There is a misconception that the Oil-free air compressors do not have any lubrication inside them among the components. The Oil-free machines use pre-lubricated ingredients for the reduction of friction and heat. It’s almost impossible to run such machines without lubrication because they will not work effectively anymore.

These types of air compressors are used for domestic and small-scale purposes. These are not recommended for industrial circumstances. Then if you are looking for a compressor for small tasks, these are recommended the most.

They are considered making a little more noise and heating it as oil less, but they are not bulky enough for mobility and require less space.


  • Contains the pre-lubricated internal parts
  • More portable as compared to oil-lubricated air compressors
  • Also occupies less space
  • It does the small and domestic work very easily
  • Will provide you the air without the existence of oil particles
  • Oil-less air compressor costs less than the oil-lubricated one
  • There is no specific manual lubrication is required
  • It can easily be used in a cold environment
  • This compressor is less costly
  • It has the oil-less air compressor pump
  • There is no need for any oil for the air compressor
  • They are light weighted
  • There is no need for oil filters too


  • It produces much noise as compared to the oil-lubricated one
  • It has more heat which can cause early distortion in functioning
  • They are not used and capable in industrial and heavy setups
  • You can only use it for small purposes and tasks
  • It is not able to work constantly all the day
  • It has the shortest span of life
  • Even Less reliable and durable concerning the time
  • Low RPM
  • Less CFM and PSI

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From the above comparison with pros and cons, you can easily decide which the best option for you to go with is


Which type of Oil in the air compressor should be used?
There are many types of oil air compressors in the market. In addition to this, the manufacturer of the oil-lubricated air compressor recommends the Oil for their manufactured machine. They provide you the basic information about the preferable usage of Oil in it.
How to change air compressor oil?
For changing the air compressor oil, you must first take out all the previous Oil. Make sure that all the old Oil is not there. Then put all the suitable and recommended air compressor oil from the manufacturer for getting the best performance from this instrument.
What is air compressor oil?
The air compressor oil is used for the oil-lubricated air compressors to get rid of heat, noise, and friction. The Oil is used for getting the long-lasting life of the machine and maximum outcome.
Which is better, Oil lubricated or Oil less air compressor?
If you are looking for a heavy-duty, long-lasting life and consistent air compressor, you should go for an oil-based air compressor. It is manufactured for industrial and heavy usage. And if you are looking for doing small and home tasks with portability, you must pick the oil-less air compressor. Though it has a shorter time of life, it can easily manage small routine tasks.