Are Lowes (Kobalt) Air Compressors Any Good?

Lowes, Kobalt, Blue Hawk, or Project Source – you name it – it’s all one company.

Basically, Lowes is named under Kobalt for selling its products, AKA air compressors.

It also sources its name to two other brand names: Blue Hawk and Project Source.

But, if you are here, you are surely not after the company’s name but its air compressors, right?

So, today, we will tell you Are Lowes (Kobalt) air compressors any good?

After knowing a little bit of history, we’ll look into the pros and cons and tell if you should buy this company’s air compressor or not.

Stay tuned and read till the end.

Are Lowes (Kobalt) Air Compressors Any Good?

We are confident to say that Lowes air compressors are a reliable choice. They perform quiet operations, give maximum output, and come at a fair price. In fact, you get a variety of air compressors (size and model) to choose from.

Are lowes (Kobalt) air compressors any good?
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Who Makes Kobalt Air Compressors?

JH Williams first coined Kobalt air compressors in 1998. Back in those days, the aim of the brand was to stand beside the Craftsman and Husky air compressors in ranking.

Present on 2000 locations, Lowes never discloses where its units are manufactured or assembled. However, it is said that manufacturing takes place in the USA. There is no updated information on where the air compressors of this company are made on this date since it outsources the work.

Campbell Hausfield was known for designing Lowes air compressors a few years back. After that, Coleman-Powermate took charge and produced top-notch units for the company. The last we heard, Sanborn Compressors was making the air compressors for Lowes.

Pros of Kobalt Air Compressors

Compact and Portable

One of the main benefits of the Kobalt air compressors is that it has a few compact and portable models. These are easy to maneuver inside the garage or for around-the-house chores.

Made in the USA

Unlike its counterparts manufacturing in China, Kobalt air compressors are mainly made in the USA, which gives them the upper hand over others (However, Lowes doesn’t mention complete information on where the manufacturing or assembling takes place). This makes it top-notch and better in quality, performance, and lifetime.

Well Build

The sturdy construction of Kobalt air compressors makes them stand out. Potential motors back their models, and you can use them for years. Kobalt air compressors are great for garage use, home, and small workshop use.


Kobalt is a versatile brand with 11 types of portable and heavy-duty units. You can find its engines ranging from 1.5 HP to 5 HP. Its smallest air compressor is 1 gallon size, while the largest is 80 gallons. Moreover, there are vertical, horizontal, hot dogs, and 1 stage 2 stage type air compressors in the brand line. So, there’s much you can choose from.

Quiet Operations

Featured with a sound level lower than 70 dB, Kobalt air compressors are easy on the ears. Also, they keep your ears from loud noises and disturbance so you can focus on your work.


Besides being top-notch in quality, Kobalt air compressors come at a price equal to or equivalent to other air compressors. So, it easily falls within everyone’s budget and helps perform multiple jobs around the house and in the garage.

Its smallest and most portable air compressor will cost you around $100. While the big and stationary air compressors come at the cost of $1000, which is fair enough for the features it offers.

Lifetime Warranty

Another advantage of buying a Kobalt air compressor is its lifetime warranty on a few models. Backed with a lengthy warranty, it gives you peace of mind for the unit you buy and qualifies it as reliable.

Cons of Using Kobalt Air Compressors

Designed for Occasional Use

One of the complaints about Kobalt air compressors is that they are not for continuous use. You can use them occasionally by storing them in your car and using them at the utmost need, but it might not satisfy you for professional or DIY work.

Unreliable Support  

The after-sale services are unreliable from Lowes (Kobalt) air compressors. Furthermore, there are also some complaints about customer support. So, whether the compressor comes with a long-term warranty, you might not get a quick response from the manufacturer.

How’s the Performance Of Kobalt Air Compressors?

Kobalt air compressors are great to use in households and workshops. Yes, they have heavy-duty models like 80-gallon Kobalt air compressors. However, reviews suggest that users don’t like them for continuous use. Overall the performance of Kobalt portable and small air compressors is good and worth the money.

How to Use the Lowes (Kobalt) Air Compressor?

If you buy a new Lowes air compressor and are unaware of how to use it, don’t worry. We’ll walk you through the step-by-step guidelines on this below. Follow these simple steps to operate the lowest Kobalt air compressor safely and efficiently.

  • If your air compressor is an oil lubricated model, make sure to check the oil pump level before use. Skip this step if you have an oil-free model.
  • Read the manual guidelines carefully. The manual will navigate you to follow the steps according to your model and compressor type.
  • Now attach your air compressor hose with the regulator valve. You can find the regulator valve on the right-hand side of the compressor. To connect the hose, move the narrow end of the hose into the regulator valve.
  • Once the hose is connected, connect the compressor cord to the socket.
  • We highly recommend putting on the safety valve for your safety. After that, release the wall. Your air compressor is functional and good to go if it releases the air.
  • Turn on the air compressor. Now set the pressure regulator on according to your task and get started with your job, that might be grinding, cutting, nailing, or inflating.


Who Should Buy Kobalt Air Compressors?

If you are looking for an air compressor for your home garage and weekend work for your small workshop, you should buy a Kobalt air compressor. Kobalt air compressors are a great deal for home garage owners.

Powering small air guns, Kobalt air compressors are great for hobby painting, nailing, framing, and grinding at home. Their portable designs make the perfect unit to be stored in your cars for inflating tires on the go.

Who Should Not Buy Kobalt Air Compressors?

Kobalt air compressors have a lot of heavy-duty models. However, in our opinion, their compressors are not ideal for continuous use. So if you want something reliable for heavy-duty performance or professional jobs, we’d recommend going for Ingersoll rand, Bostitch, Craftsman, and Dewalt air compressors.

Pro Tips for Using Kobalt Air Compressors

Air compressors are expensive and must be cared for properly to ensure longevity. Here are some tips that will help you keep your Kobalt air compressor in good shape for a long time.

  • Drain the tank of your Kobalt air compressor properly before you start the process. Otherwise, soon it will have corrosion internally.
  • Make sure to read the user manual carefully. Users’ manuals keep you from digging deeper into the problem and provide quick solutions for your air compressors.
  • Check the oil pump frequently for oil lubricated models. Here make sure not to under or overfill your oil pump. The underfill oil pump can reduce the functionality, and the overfill oil pump can become darker in the machine and reduce its lifespan.
  • Change the oil after 720 working hours for oil lubricated models.
  • Don’t use any cord extensions with your Kobalt compressor, as it can get overheated.
  • After each use, make sure to store the cord and horse care.
  • Store your air compressor in a cold, dry place after use.


There we wind up today’s edit on are Lowes(Kobalt) air compressors any good?

Lowes is a trustable brand, but its compressors are best suitable for DIY enthusiasts and home garage owners. It helps to inflate car tires, pool toys, sports equipment, cushion, and pillows while pairing with small nail guns to power them.

Since there’s a variety of design, type, and size options to choose from, you can keep one in the trunk of your car as well. However, we don’t recommend it for continuous use at the job site.

Still here? Check out Lowes air compressors’ models and order one that aligns with your needs now.