can air compressor be used as a pressure washer

Seeing your air compressor inflating pool toys to car tires makes you excited about it.

It widens your horizon and makes you think, what else can this beast do, right?

That’s when it comes to your mind: can an air compressor be used as a pressure washer?

YES and NO, the air compressor can’t serve you as a pressure washer.

Yes, because you can do it, and no, since achieving the same pressure and results as a pressure washer is impossible.

Let’s solve your query below in detail and get started.

Can Air Compressor Be Used As A Pressure Washer?

You can use an air compressor as a pressure washer using some attachments. However, an air compressor with a pressure washer attachment will not work with equal efficiency. So if you want to gain the same pressure as a pressure washer, we’d suggest buying a pressure washer instead.

A regular pressure washer usually works at 1200 to 1300 PSI. On the other hand, a garden hose usually works at 70 to 80 PSI pressure.

However, if you add a pressure washer attachment to your air compressor, you will get a pressure between 100 to 200 PSI. Use an air compressor if you want more pressure than a regular garden hose. However, if your task demands pressure more than this range, it’s better to avoid an air compressor.

How Can Your Air Compressor Become A Pressure Washer Using A Spray Gun? 

To turn your air compressor into a pressure washer by using a spray gun, follow each step carefully:

1. Gather Accessories

Here you will need:

  • Pressure washer
  • Spray gun with two inlets
  • Adjustable hose nozzle
  • Garden hose
  • Faucet

You will need all these supplies to convert an air compressor into air compressor.

2. Connect the Elements

In the second step, take the garden hose and connect its one end to the outside of the faucet. Once it’s done, connect the other end with the spray gun. Now it’s time to attach your spray gun to your air compressor.

3. Final Settings

After pairing air compressor with faucet and spray gun, turn on the faucet. After turning it, squeeze the trigger on the spray gun, and now you will see water coming out from the spray gun. To control pressure, you can adjust the gauge and trigger on a spray gun. Now you are ready to use the air compressor as a pressure washer.

Can You Use A Garden Hose As A Pressure Washer?

Yes, you can use your garden hose as a pressure washer if you need high pressure for your cleaning task.

These days, the garden hose nozzles come in different settings. If your garden hose has a jet streaming setting, you are already there to use it as a pressure washer. There are also various accessories like the Turbojet power washer spray nozzle. They claim to provide a powerful jet stream. However, still, your garden hose will not cross more than 200 PSI.

Attachments To Use To Turn Your Air Compressor Into A Pressure Washer

Suppose you are a beginner and have no idea what type of pressure washer attachment for an air compressor will work. We are here to help. Here we recommend best attachments to use with your air compressor.

1. DBR Tech Hydro Jet High-Pressure Power Washer Wand

Here we have an inexpensive and small hydro-jet high-pressure wand. DBR Tech hydro jet convert soft water streams to high-pressure jet streams. While using it, you can clean your home and cars. You can easily connect it to your home water hose, and it will create enough pressure to clean away the dirt, grime, and molds.

You can also use it with a standard garden hose. It comes with a pressure washer wand, a hydro jet water power nozzle, and a universal hose end for multiple uses.

It is a lightweight and leak-proof design that makes it easy to use anywhere during cleaning. The material of the power washer wand is high quality, and it is rust-resistant. So overall, it’s a great option if you want to power wash any dirt around your home cheaply and easily.

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2. M MINGLE Replacement Pressure Washer Gun

It’s one of the most amazing tools available in the market for pressure washing needs. M Mingle pressure washer gun is an inexpensive and high-end product. It produces high pressure using compressed air. Above all, it works with hot and cold water both so you pair it on any faucet and waterline in your home or garage.

You can also connect it to any standard garden hose. It has different spray angles to choose from. The manufacturer claims that it can generate up to 4000 PSI maximum pressure. Moreover, the length is adjustable so that you can do your cleaning tasks efficiently.

The body of the spray gun is made of solid material, and built to last. Additionally, it comes with five different nozzle tips.

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3. Milton S-184 Turbo Siphon Spray Cleaning Blow Gun

Here we have another great product for easy cleaning. Milton S-184 Cleaning blow gun is a small and inexpensive tool but it works wonders. You can use it to apply coatings and blow away mess. It’s ideal for home garages, farming, workshops, and truck drivers.

The airflow of the gun is ten cfm. Moreover, it obtains a maximum pressure of around 225 PSI. The package will come with an aluminum turbo-style gun, a spray nozzle, and five siphon liquid transfer tubes.

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Can I pressure wash with an air compressor?

Yes, by using some pressure washer attachment with your air compressor, you can pressure wash with an air compressor. However, it will compromise the pressure and not work as a heavy-duty device.

What can I use instead of a pressure washer?

Instead of a pressure washer, you can use spray guns to work with your water hose. Or you can buy some attachments if you have an air compressor at your home. The most straightforward solution is to use vinegar and water solution for safer and deep cleaning.

Can I turn a garden hose into a pressure washer?

You can turn your garden hose into a pressure washer using an extension hose. In this way, you can increase water pressure by more than 225 PSI from 40 to 30 PSI.


By now, you must have a clear answer on can an air compressor be used as a pressure washer?

Yes, you can use air compressor as pressure washer but it needs some attachments. In fact, after connecting attachments to the air compressor, you cannot achieve the pressure same as the pressure washer.

Air compressor with attachments can elevate up to 200 PSI. While, a pressure washer works at a pressure of 1000 to 12000 PSI.

That said, you might use an air compressor as pressure washer but achieving the same result and efficiency is impossible.