4 Best Campbell Hausfeld 12 Volt Inflators | Try Once In 2024

When traveling long, having a Campbell Hausfeld tire inflator is a must-have in your vehicle.

However, one unit is not fit for everyone due to differences in the vehicle, budget, and needs.

So, we have lined up a list of the best Campbell Hausfeld 12 inflators that are portable, versatile, and bang for the buck.

One of these will definitely align with your needs.

Check them out, and forget not to consider the buying guide when buying one.

1. Powerhouse Digital Inflator (AF011400)

Despite being one of the best inflators for tires, Powerhouse AF011400 digital inflator also gets the job done around the home. In fact, you can use it to fill air into camping mattresses, pool toys, and sports equipment.

Its bright LED light gives a good amount of light for inflation at night. Since it is equipped with an auto shut-off feature, it automatically seizes  inflation once the preset pressure is reached.

Boasting 100 PSI maximum pressure, we observed it from 24 PSI to 30 PSI within a few seconds. However, if you are looking for an inflator for versatile use, you can consider Mighty Portable Inflator since it gives 150 PSI. 

Out of the box, the unit is ready to use. You just need to plug its long 120 inches cord into the outlet, set the desired pressure, and get started with inflation. However, disconnection its hose is a little time-consuming.

Although it’s a little heavier at 4.1 pounds, you can still easily stash it out of your vehicle. It has 31 inches hose and long cord, allowing you to inflate all four tires of the car without the hassle. We appreciate the fan this unit comes with. It helps the inflator stay cool for the time it is in use.


  1. Extremely powerful
  2. Digital display
  3. Extremely bright LED
  4. Shuts of automatically
  5. Perfectly fits under the seat of your car


  1. Air hose doesn’t detach quickly

2. Mighty Portable Inflator (AF010400)

Get Mighty Portable inflator for versatile use. It is one of the top-ranked inflators among all the best brand inflators. Powerhouse Digital Inflator is 100 PSI, but this Mighty Campbell Hausfeld has a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. So, you can use it to inflate a car, truck, SUV, and RV tire.

It was easy to use. The inflator aired up our car tire quickly without making a loud noise. The packaging was great as well. We observed that it inflates a large truck tire of 70 pounds in less than 5 minutes.

Out of the box, it comes with sports needles, inflation nozzles, and a connecter. So, you don’t need to buy these small parts to get your job done. Thankfully, they also give you the freedom to multitask.

A 31 inch hose with the leakproof controller and 10 feet power cord allows reaching all four tires of the car seamlessly. However, this length might be a little short if you want to inflate a truck or RV tire.

This inflator has an accurate, easy-to-read gauge and bright LED light for nighttime visibility in a roadside emergency. At 4.2 pounds, it is one of the heaviest Campbell Hausfeld inflators. However, you can easily put it inside the car without hurting your arm.


  1. Portable
  2. Well built
  3. Easy to use
  4. Self-explanatory


  1. Short life
  2. Cord length is short

3. Portable 12 Volt Inflator (AF010600)

Anyone running short of bucks will love the Portable AF010600 for the exclusive bargain it is. It is a small portable tire inflator with quick outcomes and is lightweight at 1.59 pounds. Let us mention that it is the lightest tire inflator by Campbell Hausfeld.

Its small footprint of ‎7.08 x 3.07 x 6.49 inches will seamlessly fit inside your glove compartment. While the bright LED light will back you up if your tire goes flat on a dark road at night. It includes sports needles and inflation nozzles for tire and recreational inflation.

The Campbell Hausfeld 12-volt digital tire inflator is reliable enough. It has a maximum of 100 PSI, like Powerhouse Digital Inflator, making it capable of meeting all your inflation needs. You can use it to air up sports balls, pillows, pool toys, and mattresses.

What thrilled us about this tire inflator is its leakproof connection. Its threaded air tube valve safeguards a leakproof joining for a reliable and consistent result. We noted that it takes 6 minutes to inflate a car tire, allowing you to quickly march again towards your destination.

Compared to the tire inflators above, its hose and cord are small. Its cord is 9 feet, while the hose measures 22 inches. So, you might need an extension to inflate tires on big trucks or RVs. Check out its price and availability on this date.


  1. Small footprint
  2. Lightest tire inflator
  3. Quick inflation
  4. Bright LED light


  1. Low maximum pressure

4. Campbell Hausfeld Portable Inflator (AF010800)

Campbell Hausfeld’s AF010800 rechargeable inflator is perfect for professionals and adventurers. The unit comes with a raft and mattress adaptor. So, you just need to plug it, fill them up, and level up your adventures.

Like the Mighty tire inflator, it gives you a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. Although the manufacturer states that you just need 8 minutes to inflate a  0 to 35 PSI, we’d say it inflate slowly.

It inflated our flat car tire to 10 PSI in 10 minutes which took us quite a lot of time. However, it’s a nice and portable design to have in your vehicle. It has a carrying handle on top and is lightweight at 3 pounds, so both you and your wife can take it out of the car.

The LED light in the unit is integrated to keep you safe in the dark and permit you to inflate the tire easily. If you are not interested in Campbell Hausfeld AF010600 above, you can buy this one since it’s also budget-friendly.


  1. Built in LED light
  2. Comes with adapters
  3. Carry handle
  4. Lightweight and compact


  1. Slow inflation

Guide To Buy The Best Campbell Hausfeld 12 Volt Inflators

While some users have cars, others have trucks or SUVs. So, one Campbell Hausfeld tire inflator is insufficient for all of them. Check out this guide to get an inflator to meet the needs of your vehicle’s tire.


Check out the weight of the inflator you are buying from Campbell Hausfeld. It has some inflators with 4 pounds while others will weigh 2 pounds. Both of them will be easy to carry, but the ones with the lightest weight are sometimes unstable – especially if there are no suction cups on the legs.


Since you keep a tire inflator in your vehicle, make sure you enough space to store it. Give a peek at the dimensions of the inflator you are interested in. Compare it with the room available in your vehicle – most of them will easily fit.

Maximum Pressure 

Keep in mind that the high maximum pressure a tire inflator promises to give, the more versatile it is. So, we suggest going for an inflator with 150 PSI maximum pressure instead of 100 PSI.

Carry Handle

A carry handle keeps the unit in good shape while allowing you to easily stash the inflator out of your vehicle. Try to have an inflator with a carry handle on top, as these inflators also remark on your portability.

Power Cord

It’s very important to check the size of the power cord. Some inflators come with 9 feet, but we find it difficult to inflate the tires of different vehicles easily. The point here is to have an inflator with a long cord so your inflator can reach all four tires of the vehicle – especially if it’s a truck or RV.

Price Comparison

Compare the price of one Campbell Hausfeld inflator with another. If you are running short on pennies, pick ones at low prices since all of this company’s inflators are equally efficient. However, we have observed that the budget-friendly units lacks one or a couple of advanced features that you might not want to miss in an inflator.


Is Campbell Hausfeld’s volt inflator powerful enough to blow out the dust, drunk, and dirt?

No, since the volume of Campbell Hausfeld is low. You can use it to fill a tank and then use the tank to blow out dust. The unit has good pressure but a super low volume. It does a great job on tires and other inflatables like mattresses and rafting tubes.

After the unit shuts off, will it turn on again to maintain the preset pressure?

Campbell Hausfeld 12 volt inflator that reaches the preset pressure shuts off and stays off unless pressure is released from the tire.

Can we use bicycle tires that have a Schrader valve?

Yes, it will pump up bike tires. And, with the help of an adapter, you can pump up a basketball and soccer ball.


Here we wind up today’s edit on the best Campbell Hausfeld 12-volt tire inflators. When heading to buy one, you must check the weight, size, maximum pressure, length of power cord, carrying handle, and price to have a worth-it unit.

If you ask us, Powerhouse Digital Inflator is the ideal option to have in your car. It gives off quick output, has an auto shut-off feature, long hose, and cord to reach all four tires of your car, and comes with adapters to inflate more than just your car.