4 Best Campbell Hausfeld 12 Volt Inflators | Try Once In 2022

Campbell Hausfeld 12 volt inflators, inflates the highest pressure items like sports equipment and tires very easily and conveniently. It is very lightweight, portable, and compact so that you can carry it with you. You may store it in the glove box or vehicle trunks.

Here we have listed the best Campbell Hausfeld tire inflator under the advice of customers and experts. All the air compressor generates the best output you will like. The most budget-friendly to versatile units are mentioned in this article.

4 Best Campbell Hausfeld 12 Volt Inflators

1. Powerhouse Digital Inflator (AF011400)

Despite being one of the best inflators for tires, it also gets the job done around the home. Not only tires, but you can also fill air into camping mattresses.

Campbell Hausfeld’s cordless rechargeable inflator makes it faster and simpler for you to complete your work fastly. Campbell Hausfeld offers you great air tools, air compressors, inflators, pressure washers, paint sprayers, etc.

The Campbell Hausfeld powerhouse 12-volt air compressor takes the tension from any emergency and difficulties on the road. Set your wanted level of PSI for your vehicles like bikes, tractors, tires, cars, motorcycles, etc., connect the leakproof valve, and turn on the powerhouse.

Its LED bright light gives good light for inflation at night. If you prevent your Inflator, turn the fan and allow for a few minutes. When your wanted pressure is reached, the motors themselves shut off. Then disconnect and go.

Campbell Hausfeld inflator is a user-friendly digital interface. It makes inflation accurate and seamless. Set your desired pressure; once it is completed, it automatically shuts down features to let you know you are done.

Features Analysis

Powerhouse Digital Inflator, Portable Compressor
  • Weight: 4.08 pounds

  • Dimension : 10.23×5.51×6.88 inches

  • Maximum Pressure : 100 PSI

  • Voltage : 12 Volts

Campbell Hausfeld 12-volt inflator, has quick inflation. Boasting 100 psi maximum, the inflator can inflate a standard 195/65  R15 tire in under 4 minutes.

The amazing feature of the Campbell Hausfeld 12 volt inflator is fully equipped. It is ready to go out of the box. Its bright LED light provides illumination for nightmare inflation. The Inflator also has leisure needles and increased nozzles to challenge the entertainment increase.

Weight is only 4.1 pounds; the 12-volt Inflator is a must-have for any car. It has 31 inches hose and 10 feet cord lengths, allowing you full range motion during inflation.

Many customers have full-size air compressors. However, it’s never really convenient to fire it up to top off one or two tires, and this little unit works like a champ.

It has an auto setting where you set the desired tire pressure, and after connecting it and turning it on, it will stop when it reaches the desired pressure.

Also, the unit has some fans that you can hear, which keeps the unit cool, so you don’t have shutdowns. I would recommend this product based on our experience.


  1. Extremely powerful
  2. Digital display
  3. Extremely bright LED
  4. Shuts of automatically
  5. Perfectly fits under the seat of your car


  1. Short life

2. Mighty Portable Inflator (AF010400) | Best versatile air Compressor

If you want 12 volt inflator with unexceptional qualities, you must buy this Compressor.

It was easy to use. You can screw in the nozzle onto the tire valve. The inflator aired up my tire quickly, and it was quiet. You will hear some noise while the Inflator is working, but it is quieter than others. The packaging was great as well.

It is one of the top-ranked Inflators among all the best brand Inflators. Powerhouse Digital Inflator is 100 psi, but this Mighty Campbell Hausfeld 12 volt is 150 psi Inflator and small sufficient to be moveable, yet influential adequate to meet all your rise needs from sports gear RV/truck enervates and the lot in among.

A 31 in-house with the negotiated leakproof controller and 10 ft power string make it informal to spread every tire on your vehicle. This Inflator has an accurate, easy-to-read gauge and bright LED light for nighttime visibility in a roadside emergency or your driveway.

The control is to expand an average R 15 tire under 5 minutes. The AF010400 includes sports needles, inflation nozzles, and a connecter to challenge fun inflation. Varnish your work faster with a powerful Campbell Hausfeld 12 volt inflator.

Feature Analysis

Powerhouse Digital Inflator, Portable Compressor
  • Weight: 4.19 pounds

  • Dimension : 10.23×5.9×6.41 inches

  • Maximum Pressure : 150 psi

  • Voltage : 12 Volts

The design of this Campbell Hausfeld air compressor is very user-friendly. The Inflator is a very easy-to-read instrument for an accurate rise. Its innovative design and loud handle make this inflator portable.

The inflation of the Campbell Hausfeld tire inflator is very quick and reliable. Its unit feature is threaded air house and ensuring leakproof reliable joining during inflation.

The influential motor features a rapid four minutes inflation time on a typical exhaust to get you back on track in no time.

Campbell Hausfeld 12 volt air compressor has LED light for nightmare inflation. The LED light offers care for nightmare inflation wants to manufacture the AF010400 best for late-night crises.

This 12-volt Inflator is a multi-user. This moveable Inflator comprises inflation nozzles, an informal needle, and an adapter to challenge frivolous inflation for exhausts.


  1. Portable
  2. Well built
  3. Easy to use
  4. Self-explanatory


  1. Short life
  2. Cord length is short

3. Portable 12 Volt Inflator(AF010600) | Best Portable Inflator

If you are searching for an air compressor that has great ability to operate quickly and peacefully so Portable 12 Volt Inflator is your best choice. With the Campbell Hausfeld 12 volt air compressor, you can do your work easier and like a pro.

The portable 12-volt Inflator has big inflator power. The line of inflators has amazing features like portability, quick, and reliable inflation.

Its lightweight design is perfect for your trunk and glove compartment and over safe night inflation with bright LED light. You can easily kowtow your tires, sports equipment, sports balls, and mattresses.

Feature Analysis

Powerhouse Digital Inflator, Portable Compressor
  • Weight: 1.59 pounds

  • Dimension : 7.08×3.07×6.49 inches

  • Maximum Pressure :  100 PSI

  • Voltage : 12 Volts

The inflation of air compressor Campbell Hausfeld is very reliable; it keeps you on the move. It never tackles the roadside emergency in the dark. The 12-volt is very small in size, plenty to store in your vehicle’s shaft, and used for recreational inflation.

You can tackle all your recreational inflation with one best unit. The AF010600 inflator includes sports needles and inflation nozzles for tire and recreational inflation.

The best feature of air compressor Campbell Hausfeld is its leakproof connection. Its threaded air tube valve safeguards a leakproof joining for a reliable, consistent result.

The power of the Campbell Hausfeld 12 volt digital tire inflator is very reliable. This Inflator boasts maximum 100 psi-like powerhouse Digital Inflator, making it more than capable of meeting all your inflation needs.

This Campbell Hausfeld cordless rechargeable inflator boasts an inflation under 6 minutes when filling 195/65 R15 tire from 0 to 36 psi, allowing you to get on with your day much faster.

4. Campbell Hausfeld Portable  Inflator (AF010800)

Campbell Hausfeld is a very well-known and top-ranked Inflator brand worldwide. It always proves inflators with reasonable price. Due to some unexceptional qualities of the Campbell Hausfeld 12 volt air compressor, this brand has competition in the market.

Campbell Hausfeld’s 12-volt digital cordless rechargeable inflator is perfect for professionals and intermediates. Some of its remarkable qualities make it different from other Inflators.

If you want to do your projects easier and faster, Campbell Hausfeld 12 volt air is your best choice. You will never have any regret after choosing this amazing Inflator.

Feature Analysis

Powerhouse Digital Inflator, Portable Compressor
  • Weight: 3 pounds

  • Dimension : 11.1 ×5.07×7.12  inches

  • Maximum Pressure :  150 PSI

  • Voltage : 12 Volts

The 12-volt Inflator has a safety light. Its innovative design and high flow features allow you to rapidly expand your futons and other low-pressure items. The high-pressure pump inflates various items, including sports balls, carriages, trucks, bicycles, and tires.

This light is flawless for nighttime disasters. Motorised by an Inflator for movability and expediency, have this convenient Inflator in your stalk or ornaments section for peacetime of mind.

The important feature of the Campbell Hausfeld 12 volt digital tire inflator is two inflators in one. This Inflator has multi-tasks tracking with sports needles and air mattresses adapters for recreational and tire inflation.

This AF010800 inflator has a built-in LED for added security during nightmare emergencies.

Like, a valor portable Inflator,  this 12-volt Inflator boasts maximum 150 psi. This Inflator fills a standard 195/65 R15 tire from 0 to 35 in under 8 minutes to get you back on the move.

The Campbell Hausfeld 12 volt inflators design is very innovative and user-friendly. The carrying handle and its lightweight design make the inflator portable. Additionally, the push and lock air valve allows easy jo hands inflating.

Guide to buy Best Campbell Hausfeld 12 Volt Inflators

Many customers face difficulties in buying the inflators. They do not even know which Inflator is best for them. There is a large variety of inflators of different companies with different features. If one Inflator has some features, but the other one lacks them.

Before buying any 12-volt inflator, keep your needs in your mind, so you will be able to buy the best Inflator.

Portability and versatility:

The very important thing you have to check before buying an inflator is its versatile and portable nature. Campbell Hausfeld inflators, has many features, but its portability is very important.

If you want to purchase an inflator for tire inflation, I recommend choosing Campbell Hausfeld 12 volt inflators.


The item’s weight will tell you whether you can easily move the Inflator or not.

It is very difficult and energy-consuming to displace a heavyweight inflator during your work. So always choose a lightweight and small size inflator.

Maximum Pressure (PSI):

Before buying the 12v inflators, you must check the maximum pressure of your desired Inflator. Always choose the Inflator that has 150 psi. It will allow you to adjust the pressure.

If your Inflator has maximum psi, that means it is more versatile.

Power of charging:

Whenever you want to purchase an air compressor or Inflator,  you have to check the battery or charging power of the Inflator.

The Inflator with more charging power is the perfect device if you do creative activities in your daily life. The Inflator is not limited to home and is used for business or recreation.

It would help if you chose an inflator with 12 voltages. It makes your work very easier due to its long-lasting power of charging.


Must check the price or warranty of the Inflator before buying it. Also, check the functions and specifications of the Inflator. After that, compare the Campbell Hausfeld 12 volt inflator with inflators of other brands.

Also, check out the warranty of the Inflator. Somehow If your Inflator makes noise or pops out, you have to claim for it. It must be a bonus for you.


Is digital gauge accurate?

Yes, any gauge reading can vary with actual tire pressure, but when you set the pressure you want, it seems like the unit should stop on that number, regardless of whether the two non-matching numbers are accurate with actual pressure. It seems pretty accurate.

Is Campbell Hausfeld volt inflator is powerful enough to blow out the dust, drunk, and dirt?

Not really, Its volume is too low. You could use it to fill a tank and then use the tank to blow out dust. The unit has good pressure but super low volume. It does a great job on tires and other inflatables like mattresses and rafting tubes.

How to use Campbell Hausfeld tire inflator with a gauge?

First of all, ensure the tire pressure of the Campbell Hausfeld air tire digital inflator with a gauge. Then it is combined with inflation gun and then chuck.

10 to 100 psi gauge is very easy to use for convenience. It is used to inflate, deflate and check the tire’s pressure.

After the unit shuts off, will it turn on again to maintain the present pressure?

Campbell Hausfeld 12 volt inflator that reaches the present pressure shuts off and stays off unless pressure is released from the tire.

Can we use bicycle tires that have a Schrader valve?

Yes, it will pump up bike tires, and the adapter will pump up basketball and soccer ball.


Campbell Hausfeld 12 volt inflators, is very popular due to its portability,  versatility, rechargeable and digital cordless battery, and reasonable price. Each unit has its own different and specific characteristics. That do your work easier and faster.

Campbell Hausfeld 12 volt air compressor is the best choice for everyone looking for an air compressor with unbelievable qualities. Customers positively review all these inflators.

If you want the best-known Campbell Hausfeld 12 volt inflator, then use any one of them. No doubt you will surely like it.