7 Best Portable Tire Inflator for Quick Inflation

Having a backup for your car’s tire is a smart move when heading on long trips.

And the perfect backup is the best portable tire inflator.

A portable tire inflator helps you inflate your vehicle’s tire on the go. So, you don’t have to drag it to the gas station to restart your journey.

There are so many options in the portable tire inflators category. How do you find the best for your commute?

We have got your back. Here we have 7 portable tire inflators that are easy to carry, occupy less space in the vehicle, and have all the bells and whistles to deal with punctured and low-pressure tires.

So, what are we still doing here? Let’s get straight to them.

7 Best Portable Tire Inflator In 2022

1. HAUSBELL Portable Air Compressor

Best all-around Portable Tire Inflator

Why Should You Buy it?

Are you searching for a super portable tire inflator? The Hausbell portable inflator is what you are looking for. It is a compact unit of ‎8 x 3.5 x 6.2 inches with a lightweight of 1.8 pounds, being the most lightweight unit here.

Inflate more than just a tire with it. The unit comes with three extra nozzle attachments that proved helpful when we inflated pool toys, mattresses, and sports equipment. That said, you can also use it indoors.

What about Maximum Pressure?

The unit is quicker than you think having a fast pace at 35 L/min. Thanks to the upgraded design, it inflates all four tires within 15 minutes and shuts off automatically when it reaches the set pressure. Iits highest pressure is 150 PSI.

For convenient handling, you can alter the unit system of the inflator. It provides reading in PSI, BAR, KG/CM2, and KPa. All in all, it’s so easy to operate and provides you with multiple features at a reasonable cost.

Cord/Hose Length

A long cord of 9.8 feet allows you to approach all four tires. The digital gauge on the inflator is installed with an LED flashlight. So, you can use this lifeline if you get stuck on a road at night and your phone’s battery is dead.


Made out of plastic, it is lightweight and easy to carry. However, it’s the minimum weight that tips over the unit repeatedly. As far as you’ll keep it straight with good back support, it’s not a deal-breaker.

Previously, it had a run time of 20 minutes which was one of its drawbacks. Now, the manufacturer has upgraded the unit and increased it to 60 minutes of continuous use, and we really appreciate the new version.

2. AstroAI Air Compressor

Best Value for Money

Why Should You Buy it?

Being one of the best sellers, the AstroAi tire inflator is the best portable car tire inflators for the bucks.  Like the Hausbell tire inflator, it comes with three extra nozzle attachments and a fuse.

These nozzle attachments allow you to do more than tire inflation. It’s good to inflate cushions, air pillows, balls, and sports equipment. However, it’s not as effective for pool toys or canoes.

What about Maximum Pressure?

While it’s compatible with the DC outlet, you’d need to have a converter to plug it into the AC outlet. Lately, the run time of the inflator has been the same as the Hasubell inflator, but it’s less than the latter unit now.

It inflates for no more than 15 minutes, while you can use Hasubell’s upgraded version for 60 minutes. Saving your precious time, it reaches from 0 to 26 PSI in almost 2 minutes.

Cord/Hose Length

The large air hose of 3.5 meters permits the unit to reach all four tires for inflation. On the other hand, the 10 feet long cord connects easily to the cigarette lighter switch in your car.


Besides having an LCD screen, it has a built-in LED light. Its The button is above the power switch and helps you inflate tires once the sun goes down. The 10-lumen light is enough to spotlight the tire you are working on.

We believe it’s worth mentioning that the unit produces an 80 dB sound. Since our ears are not made to tolerate loud sounds like this, we suggest you wearing ear protectors when using this inflator.

Additional features of the unit are the automatic shut-off, multiple unit systems (PSI, BAR, KPa, and KG/CM2), and lightweight of 2.2 pounds for easy transportation. So, forget not to check the price on this date.

3. Kensun AC/DC Power Supply Portable Air Compressor

Most Versatile Tire Inflator

Why Should You Buy it?

Do you want your tire inflator to have a long life? Get the Kensun portable tire inflator. It comes with a carrying case to keep your unit safe from dirt, dust, and grime after use and extend its lifetime.

What about Maximum Pressure?

On the downside is its maximum pressure. It has to offer 120 PSI as the maximum pressure, but it’s powerful and versatile enough for multiple applications.

Cord/Hose length

One of the best advantages is the inclusion of AC and DC cords. Its AC cord is 9 feet 10 inches, while the DC outlet measures 9 feet 2 inches. That said, you can use it round the year in and out of your house.


As it comes with accessory attachments, you can use it to inflate bikes, pool rings, and balls if you are fond of sports. We noticed it performs for 30 minutes straight. That means you can inflate quite a lot in one sitting.

At 3.38 pounds, it does weigh more than Hausbell and AstroAi tire inflator but stands tall in the trunk of your car. Moreover, it has a carry handle on the top which makes it easy to maneuver when inflating tires.

Compared to other portable units here, it lacks an automatic shut-off and flashlight. We are a little disappointed about this at the price point the inflator comes

4. GSPSCN Tire Inflator

Best affordable Quick Tire Inflator

Why Should You Buy it?

GSPSCN Tire Inflator is the most heavyweight of all portable units here. It weighs 6 pounds, but that’s for the right reasons. The inflator is featured with two cylinders, unlike others that have one.

It gives quick output due to the multiplied number of cylinders. That said, it promises to perform for 70 L/min. It’s also an excellent fit to inflate trucks, SUVs, vans, and RVs. Hands down to this inflator, no matter what vehicle and model you have.

What about Maximum Pressure?

It has the maximum pressure of 150 PSI which makes it versatile. However, the gauge is not accurate as per our observation. It is 5 PSI lower than the actual pressure. That means it would show 38 PSI if you want 33 PSI.

Turn it off for 10-15 minutes after every 20 minutes of use, manufacturers suggest. And we agree that this helps the motor cool down and maintain its lifetime. However, it gives quick output inflating a car tire in 1.5 minutes. That said, you can inflate all four tires of your car within 20 minutes.

Cord/Hose Length

It has a long cord of 11.5 feet, reaching all four tires of a car easier. While the feet of the inflator are rubber for added stability, the handle is swingable. So, you can move the handle out of the way to see the pressure on the gauge.


Like the Kensun tire inflator, it comes with a carrying case. The carrying case allows you to keep the unit safe and sound for many years. At 75 dB, it is  easy on the ears, but you can put on ear protectors if it appears more than your tolerance.

This portable inflator is also available in red and silver colors. Check them out with price and availability on this date.

5. Glamore Portable Tire Compressor 

Best Budget-Friendly Portable Tire Inflator

Why Should You Buy it?

If you have enough space to store a vertically designed tire inflator inside your car, the Glamore tire inflator is an excellent option to bet your bucks on. It is ‎10.1 x 6.1 x 3.1 inches and occupies a little more space than other inflators listed.

What about Maximum Pressure?

The maximum pressure of the unit is 150 PSI. Due to this maximum pressure, you can use it on multiple other vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, or RVs. It is quick and inflates a truck tire from 17 PSI to 33 PSI in just 3 minutes.

There are four unit systems you can operate it in: PSI, KPa, BAR, and KG/CM2. It has an automatic shut-off feature. So, you just need to set the pressure with the “R, +, and – ” button and sit back until it reaches the preset pressure.

Cord/Hose Length

Although the cord of the 12 DC inflator is 9 feet 1 inch, it’s still short. It doesn’t reach all four tires of a big car, so that you might need an extension.


Like the Hausbell and AstroAi inflators, it is featured with an automatic shut-off feature. Add in here the LED light that helps you see the tires and job site. The unit is 2 pounds with a top handle, so you can easily transport it.

Credits to the three nozzle attachments, the inflator allows you to fill the air in boats, pool toys, bicycles, balloons, and a long list to go. Check out its price and availability on this date.

6. C P CHANTPOWER Tire Inflator Air Compressor

Best cordless Tire Inflator

Why Should You Buy it?

Appearing more like a nail gun, the C P CHANTPOWER tire inflator is one of the best tire inflators you can travel with. It weighs 4.93 pounds, making it easy to carry and stash out the vehicle. It has a sturdy top handle for easy transportation.

What about Maximum Pressure?

The maximum pressure it provides you with is 100 PSI. No surprise that it won’t be able to inflate heavy vehicles. However, it’s a decent option for your car. There are four nozzle attachments included in the package.

Other than tire inflation, you can use it to pump air in your pool toys and sports equipment. Whether the rechargeable battery of 2.0 Ah or the cigarette lighter switch of your car, you can operate it through any of the two power sources.

Cord/Hose Length

It is easy to maneuver all around with its long power cord of 9.18 feet. The long power cord makes sure to give you access to reach all four tires of your vehicle.


Reading the pressure on the display gauge is easy. The digits are visible thanks to the light it is backed by. For easy handling, you can measure it in PSI, KPa, BAR, and KG/CM2.

Since it has a built-in LED light, inflation during dark hours is convenient. Add in here the auto shut-off features, so you don’t have to eye the unit every time it fills the tire with air.

It comes with a carrying bag like the Kensun and GSPSCN tire inflator. This bag keeps the unit from dust, dirt, and harmful elements while traveling.

7. GEHUAY Portable Car Tire Inflator

Best Small Portable Tire Inflator with Good Duty Cycle

Why Should You Buy it?

Do you expect your unit to work for long hours without getting hot? Gehuay tire inflator can best satisfy your needs. It claims to perform 4 hours straight, and we find it spot on.

What about Maximum Pressure?

Besides tire inflation, you can also pump air inside the mattress, sports equipment, and bikes using it. It has a maximum pressure of 150 PSI which makes it versatile. On the downside is its slow operation. We found that it takes 5 minutes to take a flat tire to 35 PSI.

Cord/Hose length

Featured with auto shut-off and a 3 meter power cable, you can approach all four tires of your car. It gives you the freedom to move around when inflation is on. Like most tire inflators here, it has four unit systems (PSI, KPa, BAR, and KG/CM2) which you can access through the “R” button on the inflator.


At the back of the inflator is a heat dissipation chamber. The warm air passes out through this channel to keep the unit cool and in good shape for many years to come. It’s also easy to move here and there as it weighs no more than 2.32 pounds.

Another plus of the inflator is its LED light. While most inflators here consist of one, it has the brightest one with 100 lumens. That said, it brings a large area into visibility to help you inflate tires at night.

Here we are done with the edit on the best portable tire inflator. Keep an eye on the weight, dimension, maximum pressure, duty cycle, and hose length when you buy one.

If you ask us, HAUSBELL Portable Air Compressor is the perfect candidate for your vehicle. It has 150 maximum pressure for versatile use, a built-in flashlight, automatic shut-off, digital gauge, lightweight and top handle for easy transportation, a long cord to reach all four tires, and inflates quickly.