4 Best Porter Cable Air Compressor | Must Buy in 2022

Check out the other air compressor brands out there, and you’d know they are high-priced. Porter Cable is cheap from most of the options available. And, even at this price, Porter Cable air compressors are serving DIYers and site workers best.

Today, we have the Porter Cable air compressor reviews in this article. All 4 options mentioned here are a must-buy for their versatility, functionality, and affordable price tag.

Read till the last to get the best compressor available.

4 Porter Cable Air Compressor to Buy in 2022

1. PORTER-CABLE PCFP12656 Finish and Brad Nailer Combo Kit – Best Porter Cable Air Compressor Overall

  • Weight: 44.7 pounds

  • Dimension:  21.13 x 20.25 x 20.31 inches

  • Voltage: 150 volts

  • Tank Size: 6 Gallon

  • Maximum Pressure:  150

  • SCFM:  2.6

Save yourself from the extra hassle and buy this air compressor kit. Porter Cable pcfp12656 is a 6-gallon compressor coming with everything that’s required for framing, trimming, and woodworking projects.

It includes a finish and a brad nailer of 2 1/2-Inch and 2 inches, respectively. Not only this but nails of two different sizes are also included in the package. The brad nails are 100, with their size being 1 ¼ inch, while all the finish nails are 2 inches long.

With this compressor, the manufacturer has a full-proof plan to help you buy everything for your daily projects. They have also made sure to include an air hose along. However, this air hose consists of a small diameter, due to which it gets hot quickly.

The air compressor is installed with the rubber feet. Due to these rubber feet, you carry out the task without its displacement. Also, it’s compact with a dimension of ‎21.13 x 20.25 x 20.31 inches so that you can store it on tight shelves.

Your household current is more than enough to get it started. It operates on 120 volts, turning out a big sigh. Along with that, there are two couplers attached with which you can plug in two air hoses simultaneously and cut corners.

As per the requirement of framing, the unit has the highest pressure of 150 PSI. So, you can maintain the exact pressure you desire to have. Note here that the compressor is oil-free, so you are free of additional maintenance jobs every day.

Of all the Porter Cable air compressors here, it is one of the heaviest units. It weighs 44.7 pounds. However, there’s a handle to move it here and there on the site. A one-year warranty makes it a reliable unit, so hurry to buy it before it gets out of stock.


  1. Gets the job done quickly
  2. Includes a lot in the kit
  3. Nailers are top-notch
  4. Oil-free design
  5. Easy to operate


  1. Small diameter of the hose
  2. Heavy from others

2. PORTER CABLE PCFP72671 Finish Nailer/Compressor Combo Kit – Best Value for Money Compressor Kit

  • Weight: 33.5 pounds

  • Dimension:  20.75 x 16.75 x 20.38 inches

  • Voltage: 120 Volts

  • Tank Size: 6 Gallon

  • Maximum Pressure:  150

  • SCFM:  2.6

Although this is also a Porter Cable air compressor kit, it lacks a few inclusions, and that’s how it comes at a reasonable price point. The kit is featured with an air compressor, air hose, and finish nailer. Compared to the kit above, it lacks nails and a brad nailer.

One of the best inclusion of the package is the finish nailer. This nailer allows you to adjust the depth for different nails you’d be putting inside during the job. It handles nails of 2 1/1 inches, which means it’s only suitable for upholstery and woodworking.

Thanks to the 6-gallon tank, it’s all available to work for extended jobs. For 300 square feet and more, it’s a fine choice to opt for. Besides, the unit has a maximum PSI of 150, which you can set according to your desire. At 90 PSI, it provides you with 2.6 CFM for getting the job done.

Where there are two couplers you can pair the air hose with; the rubber feet make sure of the stability. It holds the compressor to its position and sustains the vibration while you work. It also has a handle which gives you the freedom to transport it.

As a maintenance-free design, it keeps you from oiling the air compressor like those ordinary compressors out there require. It is a 30 pounds compressor, so it’s very easy to move from point A to B.

Just like the unit above, it has a warranty of one year. So, check out the price to know the difference between the two air compressor kits here.


  1. Usable with household current
  2. Includes everything needed for woodworking
  3. Lightweight and easy to transport Adjustable nailer
  4. Rubber feet


  1. Unclear instructions

3. PORTER-CABLE Compressor – Best Budget-Friendly Porter Cable Air Compressor

2.	PORTER CABLE Compressor
  • Weight: 34 pounds

  • Dimension:  19 x 18 x 20.94 inches

  • Voltage: 120 Volts

  • Tank Size: 6 Gallon

  • Maximum Pressure:  150

  • SCFM:  2.6

Are you finding the cheap Porter Cable air compressor to get the jobs around the house? The perfect option is right before you. This air compressor by Porter Cable doesn’t come alone but with a 13 pieces accessory kit.

It includes the tire chuck, plugs, couplers, and whatnot. Basically, it’s all that you need to get started on inflating tires and small house jobs. While you can buy them separately, the manufacturer has eased your searching job.

The air compressor is just 30 pounds like others on the list. That’s what makes it easy to transport even when your hands are loaded with a few additional. Where it has a handle to carry, the rubber feet make it extremely stable when the nailing is on.

Just like all the air compressors here, it is a 6-gallon air compressor. This tank size is sufficient enough for multiple jobs, including woodworking, framing, tire inflation, quick-drying, and cleaning electronics. At 90 PSI, the unit has to offer 2.6 CFM for optimum output.

The motor in the air compressor is maintenance-free or oil-free, you name it. It frees you from constant take care responsibility and allows you to focus on your job. Operating on the household current of 120 volts, the unit is versatile enough.

Even in the cold weather, the air compressor is ready to get your job done, unlike others that are non-responsive in the cold. The compressor is 30 pounds so you can carry it easily from one point to another.

Integrated with two couplers, it agrees to multi-work and cut off your working time. This is a huge plus as you’d have your work done in a short time. There is a cord wrap on the compressor to keep it safe and sound in the long run.


  1. Easy to read gauges
  2. Lightweight and compact
  3. Performs faster
  4. Includes 13 pieces kit
  5. Reasonable price tag


  1. Noisy unit

4. Porter Cable C2002 – Best Versatile Porter Cable Air Compressor

Porter Cable C2002
  • Weight: 31.2 pounds

  • Dimension:  19 x 19 x 18 inches

  • Voltage: 120 Volts

  • Tank Size: 6 Gallon

  • Maximum Pressure:  120

  • SCFM:  2.6

No matter if you are finding just the air compressor by Porter Cable and no accessories along. This air compressor comes individually at a fair price. It holds pressure for a long time without leaking a bit.

C2002 air compressor is a 6-gallon air compressor which makes it ideal for woodworking, trimming, tire inflation, along with small around-the-house jobs. At 90 PSI, the unit provides you with 2.6 CFM while it has the maximum pressure of 150 PSI which you can adjust keeping in view the readings of the digital gauge.

One of the best parts of this unit is that it works with the household outlet. It requires 120 volts to get started. Also, it works seemingly well in the winters where very rare air compressors promise to work.

Out of the box, the drain valve of the air compressor is open. So, make sure you tighten it once the unit arrives before getting it to any job. Count in here the oil-free pump. You don’t have to be certain of pouring oil every next day; credit goes to this pump.

There are two couplers plugged into the air compressor. Due to these couplers, you can attach two hoses along to multi-work. The air compressor also comes with a handle above, which helps you to move it here and there.

‎On top of that is one year warranty. So, check out the price of the air compressor to make an informed decision.


  1. Fast recovery
  2. Lightweight and portable
  3. Accurate regulator
  4. Holds pressure for days
  5. Oil-free design
  6. Easy to operate


  1. Cons Drain valve comes unscrewed

Guide to Buy the Best Porter Cable Air Compressor

Porter Cable is a brand offering multiple air compressors. Each of its models is different. A few have some features included, and others lack them for a good reason. So, it’s quite essential that you check out the pointers that differentiate one compressor from the other.

Skim through this section to have an air compressor accommodating your needs.


The very first thing you should check in the specification column of the air compressor is weight. This weight tells you whether or not you’d be able to move the unit easily. During the job, it’s very difficult and energy-consuming to displace a heavyweight compressor.

Air Compressor or Kit

Porter Cable has a variety of air compressors. Not only do they offer you individual compressors, but with air compressor kits to free you from additional homework and buying process. So, decide if you are seeking an air compressor or an additional kit along.

Having a kit is a plus as the nailers coming along are compatible with your compressor. You are ready to work on any job that requires quick attention. The third benefit is the price. You do save a few bucks while buying a kit rather than an air compressor.

Tank Size

You’d find portable and pancake air compressors from Porter cable. On the contrary, there are a few with large tank sizes. It’s crucial to know your needs and modes of use when buying a compressor from this brand.

A pancake air compressor is always easy to displace and move around. However, it’s good for small jobs. Just like that, the large tank size from 6 gallons and more will allow you to work more on the woodworking or trimming projects.

Maximum Pressure

Take note of the maximum pressure of your desired air compressor. The ones with the 150 maximum PSI are always ideal. They allow you to adjust the pressure and get it to the level your work demands.

That said, more PSI adds versatility to the unit, and that’s for sure.


Forget not to check the price of your air compressor along with the specification. After that, compare it to the other units of the same brand with different additional. Look if you have worthy and bucks-saving deals.

Along with that, check out the warranty of the air compressor. Having a warranty is a bonus as it allows you to claim for a nuisance if there pops out any.


Porter Cable air compressors are popular for their top-notch build, versatility, and reasonable price tag. Each unit has its own specific features and gets your job done pretty quickly without producing a lot of noise.

If you want the best Porter Cable air compressor, we’d suggest putting your bucks on PORTER-CABLE PCFP12656 Finish and Brad Nailer Combo Kit. It is a kit that includes nails to nailers you’d require for multiple jobs.

By the way, for what job are you searching for the Porter Cable’s air compressor?