Porter Cable C2002 Air Compressor 6 Gallon, Pancake, Oil Free

C2002 air Compressor is made in pancake design due to which transporting and storing it is not a problem. You can easily maintain it as it has an oil free pump. Its pump can store more air for a longer time and efficiently work for many hours. It takes less time for a recharge which is only 4 to 5 minutes. This means you can work efficiently and can rely on this product.

Uses Of C2002 air Compressor

It is a portable compressor that can be used with bolts, roof nailing, and spray paints. Here is detailed information about this compressor that will make you buy it for your household and office work as it has so many valuable functions.

It’s best for inflating your car tires anywhere you want. You can easily use this at your workplace or your workshop. This is designed to aid you with your simple task. You can efficiently perform those tasks in your home having such a compressor.

Many air compressors have been made with updated features to ease you with your work. These air compressors contain excellent traits that attract you to buy them. Porter Cable is one such company that is made for you specifically.

C2002 compressor has many appealing traits that will amaze you and urges you to buy this compressor. Some of them are given below.


Porter Cable C2002 Air Compressor
  • Weight: 31.2 pound

  • Dimension : 19 x 19 x 18 inches

  • Power Source :  Corded Electric

  • Voltage : 120 Volt

  • Maximum power : 1.0

  • Air Flow Capacity : 2.6 Cubic Feet Per Minute

  • Battery : Not Required


Porter Cable compressor is known for its large capacity. This air compressor provides you with enough capacity to do whatever you want. With 6 gallons, you inflate tires, use this for your nail gun, or attach a spray gun for painting. You can perform several household works efficiently. This compressor is designed to give better results.

2. Weight

This compressor is styled to make this moveable. This air compressor is so light in weight that you can quickly move this anywhere. Don’t put much effort into displacing this from one place to other. It also allows you an easy carriage. So, in addition to giving outstanding output, this compressor is weightless also.

3. PSI

C2002 has 150 Psi tank pressure, means more significant air pressure. And more significant air pressure means remarkable results plus satisfaction also. With tremendous pressure, the air is stored in a tank for longer tool run times. So one can use this compressor with great ease and get a satisfactory end product.

4. Style

This compressor has a unique pancake style. This style is beneficial as it provides more excellent stability than those vertical-style compressors. Stability is something you need the most while working with these machines. So this compressor gives you one more advantage and makes you tension free.

5. Size

Another top feature is its compact size. This air compressor is so compact that you can easily fit this anywhere. Even if one has a tiny place, you can easily place this compressor there and complete your work.

6. Handle

Among its magnificent characteristics is that it contains a firm handle on the top of the compressor. This makes this compressor handy and easy to carry. Easy displacement allows you to work with greater ease. Moreover, this also provides trouble-free work.

7. Motor

A powerful motor is the first option to look at while buying a compressor. Because a compressor having a powerful motor will allow you to work non-stop without a break. So this adds to the quality and efficiency of the compressor. With a practical motor, you can quickly fulfill your demands at home without any tension.

8. Maintenance Free

Porter-cable compressors are attractive because of their outstanding quality. One such quality is an oil-free pump introduced in this compressor. So you can have a maintenance-free air compressor. You don’t need to put much effort into its maintenance. This saves not only your money but also your time.

9. Support two Users

Having two air couplers, this compressor is allowed two uses to work simultaneously. How great this feature is. Two persons can complete their task in a single duration. This allows multiple tasks to be performed at the same time.

10. Noise level

Noise is the problem with most of the compressors. It doesn’t sound friendly to your ears and makes the environment uncomfortable. But this compressor also advantages you in this regard. The noise produced is bearable and doesn’t irritate you. Using this air compressor, you can work with ease because it produces moderate noise.

11. Lack of wheels

This air compressor contains a lot of attractive traits, but one lacking feature is that it contains no wheels on the bottom. This is beneficial in some situations. A compressor with a stable base and no wheels will ease you in this situation

So this is not a significant problem. It is suitable for you in several conditions.

12. Low Amp

Thanks to the low Amp 120 volts motor, you can continue your task in any weather condition. It is because the motor starts quickly in cold weather also. Don’t worry about the weather. Do you work quickly and efficiently having such an air compressor at home?

13. Warranty

The company gives you a limited warranty of one year on compressors components. So enjoy having this air compressor at your home.


Does this compressor support an impact wrench?

It will support and impact wrench for 30 seconds, but it will short Bursts after this time. For household automotive, it will work excellent, but if you use it with 2 3 stuck bolts, it will cause little problem. But it will work too with 2 3 bolts.

Which things will work with compressors and which cannot?

Many attachments can work efficiently with this compressor, like an impact wrench and nail gun. It does not cause any problem while working with this type of attachment. But spray paint may cause a minor problem, but various methods can solve this.

What is the charge time of this compressor?

It usually takes 4 to 5 minutes to recharge it completely. This compressor will not cause any disturbance while recharging and will save much of your time by recharging at no time.

Is this a new model compressor, or is this reconditioned?

This compressor is of the new model. You can have it at the most reasonable price. This compressor can work with various accessories like an impact wrench, spray paint, and nail gun. It would help if you had this to overcome your workload.

How loud is this?

This is not much loud if you work in your workplace like in a big area. But I can be a little noisy in crowded places like small garages, but they’re also the noise is bearable.


This pancake-style compressor’s most significant advantage is that it does not take much space and can be placed under stairs wherever you want to.

It is also made with a high-pressure design that delivers 2.6 SCFM at 90 psi for quick recovery. Moreover, it is an oil-free pump that will provide you with maintenance-free performance. You can easily transport it with cord wrap it has to any place you want.

In short, this air compressor is suitable to fulfill your basic needs. You must have such equipment at home that is both Innovative and useful.

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