are craftsman air compressors any good

Craftsman is one of the most popular brands when it comes to the air compressor market.

However, the negative reviews on its product insist you check out its reliability and make you browse for: are Craftsman air compressors any good?

Worry not since we have got your back.

Today we will discuss in-depth about Craftsman, the type of compressors it produces, and if you should buy it or not.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Who Makes Craftsman Air Compressors?

Sear is the parent company of the Craftsman air compressor. In 2017, Craftsman was acquired by Stanley Black and Decker. Sears also has the license, and they can sell the Craftsman air compressor, but Black and Deckers now own the company.

So the new Craftsman air compressors are either made by Black and Decker or Sears. Both companies use Alton Industry LTD and Ace Trading manufacturers to produce the tools.

Craftsman’s compressors are assembled in Texas, USA. While the parts are collected globally, and the company tests them for reliability before using them in the final piece. This makes this brand a trustable option.

Reasons Why Craftsman Air Compressors Are Good And Worth The Money?

Craftsman is one of the leading air compressor brands. Although their air compressors are expensive, the company produces units that are bang for the buck. Let’s find out why its customers trust the brand and its units over the other brands.


One of the most amazing things about Craftsman air compressors is the diversity in their design. The Craftsman air compressor reviews are usually positive and have a 5-star rating for their excellent design and portability. Its compressors have a versatile design that helps customers do multiple jobs around the home, in the garage, and on the job site.


Another thing that makes Craftsman the first go-to option is that its models require minimum or no maintenance. Its models are oil-free with the promise to live an extended life. So, it saves your precious time of maintenance and expenditure of extra bucks.


The portability of the Craftsman air compressors is commendable. This company’s compressor has a small footprint and is easy to maneuver from one job site to other. The pancake design, hotdog, and horizontal or vertical craftsman air compressor; all come in small sizes and have exquisite performance.

Not only this, the Craftsman air compressors have durable wheels and a sturdy handle on top. Combined, their lightweight and compact design allow you to transport them easily from one place to another.


Craftsman backs their air compressors with a 1 year warranty. This warranty is against defects in material or craftsmanship. And the brand respects its warranty which gives its customers a strong reason to trust them.

What Makes Craftsman Air Compressors Better Than Other Brands?

When there are so many well-known brands in the market for air compressors like Bostitch and Dewalt, what makes a craftsman air compressor the more reliable and good option?

Some of the Craftsman air compressors offer higher maximum pressure than other brands. Besides, it fits the bills of a large audience out there, being budget-friendly.

Another thing that makes Craftsman a top-priority option is they are easy to use. All you need to do is check out its manual once and get started with your job. You can also use them in extreme weather without a problem.

What Are The Different Types Of Craftsman Air Compressors? 

Below we will discuss the types of air compressors Craftsman has to offer:

Corded Air Compressor

The corded air compressors from Craftsman are also called Craftsman electric air compressors. These air compressors use an AC power source and are considered suitable for heavy-duty use.

Cordless Air Compressor

The Craftsman cordless air compressor is backed by a battery. You can use these air compressors for light-duty around-the-house jobs. Since they are portable air compressors, they are great for professionals commuting from one job site to another.

Hot Dog Air Compressor

Bigger than pancake air compressors with an oil-free motor on top and horizontal in appearance, they are sturdy but occupy a little more space. In fact, they are a little challenging to move from one point to another.

Pancake Air Compressor

Reliability and portability are what come with the Craftsman pancake air compressors. They also have oil-free motors, and these models are great for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.

Upright Air Compressor

This type of Craftsman air compressor will have a vertical tank. They are easy to store in small places and are great for home garages.

Horizontal Air Compressor

Craftsman horizontal air compressors are more heavy-duty models. They are used for professional jobs and have flat air compressor shapes.

What Are The Different Sizes Of Craftsman Air Compressors?

Air compressors come in different sizes to give you better portability, functionality, and use. Some air compressors are made for small tasks like around the home, while others are for industrial use. Here we will find out what different sizes of air compressors you can get from the Craftsman.

Small Sized

The Craftsman has small-sized air compressors, including a 3-gallon, 2-gallon, and 1.5-gallon air compressor. The maximum pressure you can get in the small-size Craftsman air compressor is 90 PSI with a high CFM rating.

  • Craftsman 1.5 Gallon 3/4 HP Portable Air Compressor

The 1.5 gallon tank capacity and small size make it a perfect choice for home use. It is perfect for hobby painting, inflation, finishing nails, bolting, and fastening.

  • CRAFTSMAN 2 Gallon Air Compressor

It is a 2 gallon air compressor that you can easily use for many home projects. You can use it for inflation, stapling, fastening, bolting, nailing, and hobby painting. It is a multi-functional air compressor available at an affordable price tag.

  • CRAFTSMAN 3 Gallon Air Compressor

The 3 gallon air compressor is perfect for home garage owners. Due to its capacity, it is ideal for all your home innovation projects and for garage use. Furthermore, it is easy to use and operate.

Medium Sized

The medium-sized craftsman air compressor has 6 gallons, 9 gallons, and 10 gallons. These models offer an excellent SCFM rating and comparatively higher maximum pressure. Mostly, these air compressors are used for small workshops and home garages.

  • CRAFTSMAN 6 Gallon Air Compressor

The 6-gallon air compressor is an oil-free model. It offers no maintenance features, and the kit comes with a 13-piece accessory kit. The pancake design makes it easy to transport and use.

  • CRAFTSMAN 10 Gallon Air Compressor

The 10 gallon air compressor is perfect for all those looking for something with an average-size compressor with excellent functionality. These compressors make sure all your work is done quickly and efficiently.


In sizeable-sized Craftsman air compressors, there are 20-gallon, 30-gallon, 33-gallon, and 60 gallons air compressors. These air compressors come with high maximum pressure and an excellent CFM rating. They are perfect for heavy-duty and industrial use.

  • Craftsman 20-gallon air compressor

The industrial-size 20-gallon air compressor with an upright design. Besides its heavy weight and big size, it is easy to store and use. It is the choice for workshop owners and professionals taking big projects on-site.

  • Craftsman 60-gallon air compressor

This 60 gallon air compressor is specifically made for industrial use. The well-built design and solid functionality make it one of the best top-notch choices for big projects on the job site.

How To Use Craftsman Air Compressor?

Here, we will give clear instructions on how to use Craftsman air compressors. Follow these simple steps to get started.

  • Read the manual carefully. The instructions will tell you about your model and how to use it.
  • Now it’s time to set up your air compressor. The majority of compressors from Craftsman come pre-assembled. You only need to connect the air compressor to the electric outlet and fill the tank.
  • It’s time to prime the pump to ensure it starts correctly.
  • Now start the air pump by flipping the switch to the On position.
  • Since the power is on, use the air compressor to inflate or power your tools.
  • After using it, flip the switch to the off button and disconnect the air compressor from the electric outlet.

What About The Maintenance Of Your Craftsman Air Compressor?

Maintain your air compressor regularly to keep it running long-term. Proper maintenance ensures the Craftsman air compressors’ longer life and good functionality. If you are not into maintaining it regularly, make sure to choose the maintenance-free model.

To maintain the Craftsman air compressor, you must change the oil regularly. Oil changing depends on how often you use the Craftsman air compressor. Change the air compressor’s oil after six to eight months. Make sure to choose the recommended oil type according to your model.

Secondly, you should check the filter regularly. Make sure the filter is not clogged and is clean. Keep in mind to drain the compressor tank for its extended lifetime.

You can follow simple steps to maintain your air compressor at home. Regularly inspect the hose and fitting of your air compressor. Replace the hose on time to avoid leakage problems during your working hours.

Are Craftsman Air Compressors A Good Choice For Beginners?

Yes, Craftsman air compressors are a good choice for beginners. We know that almost all the models of Craftsman are straightforward and do not involve complicated processes.

So if you are looking for something for beginners or have no prior experience using the Craftsman air compressors, these compressors are your go-to choice. Their design is user-friendly, and they are super easy to operate. Moreover, most Craftsman air compressors have oil-free pumps, which keeps you from maintenance and doesn’t demand you to be Pro at it.

Do Craftsman Air Compressors Have Lifetime Warranties?

Most of the Craftsman air compressors come with limited lifetime warranties. On the medium-sized and small-sized air compressors, you will get a 90-day satisfaction guarantee and a one-year limited warranty.

Some industrial models or accessories probably come with a lifetime warranty option. However, a lifetime warranty is rare from Craftsman.

Are Craftsman Air Compressors Worth It?

The Craftsman is worth it if you are looking for a compressor for your home garage or home-duty use.

Craftsman is a trusted brand and has been in the business for a long time. Now they have worldwide popularity and some very loyal customers. For heavy-duty or industrial air compressors, you can consider some other brands in the market, like Dewalt and Bostitch. Overall, Craftsman air compressors are worth it.

What Are Some Cons Of Craftsman Air Compressor?

Like the positives, there are some downsides to Craftsman air compressors. Let’s find out what they are:


Usually, heavy-duty models have a loud noise. However, we found some of the averaged-sized Craftsman air compressors have high noise levels. However, that’s not a deal breaker since you can wear ear protectors to keep your ears safe.

Comparatively Space Occupying

Compared to other companies, Craftsman’s horizontal or hot dog air compressors are space occupying. So, this is a little hassle for the ones running short on space.


Here we sum up today’s article on are Craftsman air compressor any good? Let us tell you that Craftsman is a reliable brand producing multiple air compressors in a series. It has a large variety to entertain everyone’s needs – whether a DIY enthusiast or a professional working on the job site.

Its compressor has a sturdy build and a top-notch motor. One of its downsides is that some of its models are noise-producing. However, it’s not a deal breaker, and you can always trust this company to invest your valuable bucks. On top of that, it makes air compressors affordable compared to its competitors.

You should definitely buy a Craftsman air compressor to have value for money.