How to Fill HPA Tank: 6 Easy Steps and Guide

If you own an HPA tank, the primary issue you face is “How to get it filled?” though there are two methods for doing this. One choice that you can make is to visit the nearest gas station and get your HPA tank filled. But sometimes this choice costs higher and also asks for time and effort. However, the other alternative is to do the job independently after buying a compressor. It will not cost less, but you can do this procedure anytime.

Filling an HPA tank at home requires your attention. In case you don’t know about the procedure. You are at the perfect place. So, let me guide you through and help you out.

What Is an HPA tank?

HPA tank is also known as a High-Pressure Air tank. These tanks are made of hard metal like aluminum, steel, or other helpful material. Mainly, this metal prevents the tank from corrosion, cracks, and leaks, keeping the temperature constant.

These tanks arrive in many sizes, from small to large. HPA tanks can be easily bound on the top of the vehicle. Mainly the size of the tank identifies the going pressure that leads us towards the time limit of current fluid lasting. There is a built-in valve present in the tank. The valve’s primary function is to extract pressure in case the tank gets higher heat or cold. The valve also opens if the pressure inside the tank exceeds the limit.

HPA tanks are mainly used for achieving high accuracy and pressure in paintball. It can store up to 5000PSI.

Types Of HPA Tanks

While filling up the HPA tanks with compressed air, it is vital to check out the material to prevent damage. As for that, you need to look for the construction of an HPA tank to hold the pressure of more than 5000 PSI. Mainly there are three types of HPA tanks:

  • Aluminum Tanks.
  • Fiber Tanks.
  • Steel Tanks.

Out of these three, aluminum HPA tanks are considered the most useful. As aluminum tanks not only uphold the constant pressure but also saves the tank from temperature changes. However, these tanks are heavier, large, durable, and cheaper. But, you also need to remember that these tanks can hold a maximum pressure of 3000 PSI.

Fiber and steals are pricey, but they can hold the pressure for more than 4500 PSI. So, depending on your need. You can go with one.

So, HPA tanks are available as either fiber-wrapped or aluminum types. The fiber-wrapped tanks are designed with carbon fiber formed into cylinders, making them very lightweight and capable of being stored at high pressures. The downfall of these is that they are costly and aren’t so durable, especially when they undergo forceful impacts.

Can I Fill My HPA Tank Through An Air Compressor?

The simple answer to this question is “YES!!”. You can fill your HPA tank with the help of an air compressor. However, there are some precautions that you need to keep in mind before making a move.


  • Ensure to work in the room having air passage and ventilation as you don’t want to obtain smoke or flames during the process. Also, you can’t correctly breathe in a room without air passage.
  • Never overfills the tank. Doing this increase the risk of damage.
  • While filling the tank, don’t put oil or grease on the nozzle. So, this thing can lead the tank to fire.
  • To avoid hazards, try to fill the HPA tank consistently and at a low pace.
  • Notice whether the compressor is ready to bind with a tank or not.
  • Use a safety Burst Disk to avoid extra pressure in the tank while filling.
  • Maintain your tank and notice the hydro date.
  • Switch off the compressor after filling the tank before realizing the air into the environment.

Material Required Filling the HPA Tank Using an Air Compressor

To catch up with the filling process. You firstly need to have the following material:

  • An air compressor: Ensure that the particular air compressor is compatible with your HPA tank. Else, it can damage the tank.
  • Nozzle: To keep up the filling process accessible.
  • HPA Tank: the most critical part of the process.
  • Bleed Valve: This will help you out in realizing the exceeded pressure.
  • An adapter: It will be helpful to combine the tank with the compressor.

Steps for Filling the HPA Tank with Air Compressor

Some basic and easy steps to complete your task (Filling an HPA tank). So, let us see them in detail:

Look For HPA Tank

Before proceeding with the filling process, you should always look for the tank. Notice the material of the tank, and test out for leakages. This step is essential because if your tank has cracks and leaks, you will never be able to achieve the goal. Also, leaks can lead to damage or another hazard. So, repair the tank and then proceed.

Emptying The Tank

Before moving towards the filling step, you need to empty your tank so that there is old air.

Already present in it. You should release it out. While doing this step, ensure to wear a mask and work in the air passage area. This is because the relapsed gas can cause different breathing issues.

Simply use the valve and release the gas slowly. This will never take much time or effort. But will save you from any further damage.


Next on the list is the combining part. This is the step when you are finally heading towards the filling. So, join the HPA tank with the air compressor using nozzles. There is a nozzle in the tank and a nozzle in the compressor. To prevent any damage, you need to combine both nozzles perfectly. There should be no air leakage. Use a hose and combine the spacings.

Power The Compressor

After joining the tank to the compressor, you need to power up the air compressor to fill the air. Make sure that your compressor is charged fully. Whether you are using an electric source or battery one to start up, this will never affect the working.

Start filling up the tank and passing the air into the HPA tank. You never need to rush while doing this step. Keep track of timings and notice when the tank is filled. You also need to notice the maximum PSI while doing this step.

Tracking PSI

While filling the tank, keep an eye on the pressure. Notice that maximum air should be available in the tank. This can be done by noticing the PSI unit. Keeping track of PSI will help you judge the pressure in the compressor. This is the time when you can remove the nozzle securely. Before removing the nozzle, ensure to close the valve opening. At this step, the tank is filled with new air.


When it comes to storing the tank, you need to keep in mind to hold it in a secure and close area. If you place the HPA tank on some open surface, there is a risk of damage. So, store the tank in some store in a safe place where there is no reach of pets or children.

Benefits of Filling an HPA Tank with an Air Compressor

Owning an air compressor is a must thing if you are a paintball owner. This will not only help you in filling tanks but also supports power tools and other vital features. There are many essential benefits of using an air compressor for filling the tank. Let us see some of them.


If you are filling your HPA tank using an air compressor at home, it will cost you less as you can do it yourself with less effort instead of paying an outsider to do the same job. Also, you just have to invest in the compressor and benefit from it for a long time.

Super Easy:

Filling an HPA tank at home is super easy. It will secure your time and extra effort to go out and get the job done. You can do it all sitting in your home.


We know that in the store-based filling, you can’t check out the gas. If it is pure or not, if it is new or not. You have to compromise on the cleaning and leftovers. But while doing it yourself, you have an idea about the clean and the new gas.

Extended Time:

Filling an HPA tank at home gives a long usage time to the users. It enhances the duration period of air pressure.

Easy To Tackle:

HPA tanks, along with air compressors, are super easy to tackle and are also portable. You can carry them with you anywhere. Also, you never need to get professional skills before moving towards the process. You can do it easily by just joining the nozzles.

Enhanced Air Pressure:

Filling at home offers your air compressor increased air pressure. You can efficiently perform the required tasks with more air pressure.


Buying an air compressor for once and securing money from many tasks is easy. It is a versatile job because you can save money for many jobs like power tools and other equipment.

Is CO2 Better Than HPA For Paintball?

The fundamental difference between HPA and CO2 is that HPA contains compressed oxygen, and CO2 contains compressed carbon dioxide. It often happens that compressed CO2 exists in a liquid form more than in gas. As for paintball, you can rely on HPA. This is because HPA provides you an easy usage and is cheaper than CO2 (release when paintball is held).

Final Verdict

I recommend you not to take the risk if you have zero knowledge about filling the HPA tank with an air compressor. You can always rely on some professional. Although it costs you more, it will save you as a newbie.

However, if you are interested in knowing the working and getting the job done on your own, you can give it a try. I have enlisted significant precautions and tips to start and end the process quickly without any danger. For now, if you have any more confusion, you can give me a ping down in the comment box. Thank you.


Can you fill an HPA tank with a regular air compressor?

Yes, you can fill the HPA tank using a regular air compressor. But the main issue is that a typical air compressor only offers you the pressure of about 100-130 PSI. Also, the process is more time-taking. So, according to your need, you can make a choice.

Can an air compressor fill a paintball tank?

Yes, an air compressor can be used to fill the paintball tanks. You can easily do this procedure at home. You must remember that filling a paintball tank is not the same as filling air into primary car tires. So, you have to get a suitable compressor with the perfect PSI.

Can you fill the HPA tank with co2?

No, we cannot fill the HPA tanks using CO2. This is because first we don’t have the proper equipment for that and secondly it is risky. So, we don’t do this process.

Is HPA stronger than CO2?

Well, you can’t say that HPA is stronger than CO2. But you can say that it is more stable than CO2. As HPA only exists in gas form. But CO2 also has a higher chance of existence in liquid form. So, there is a change in the consistency of CO2.

Can any paintball gun use HPA?

Yes, you can use HPA on any paintball gun. However, before proceeding, you need to look for the PSI factor and the temperature.