How to Fill HPA Tank With Air Compressor Easily?

HPA tank can quickly be filled with an air compressor. Whether you want to fill your HP tank with an air compressor at the nearby gas station or home, it is your wish. However, it feels difficult to get your HPA tank to the gas station because it will cost extra money and time.

If you do not know the procedure of filling your HPA tank, you have to take it to the gas station. Unfortunately, if you know how to fill the tank, you can do it at your home.

Filling an HPA tank; Ensure Safety Measures

Ensure that you have learned all the procedures because both the air compressor and HPA tank are risky tools. If you do not know the whole process, then it would cause a severe accident.

We all know very well that the best air compressor is suitable for enjoying outdoor funs and different home improvement tasks. Usually, people use an HPA tank filling of air to operate a paintball gun. A paintball gun is fascinating to play after getting it filled.

In this post, I will explain some straightforward methods of filling an HPA tank by using an air compressor. On the other side, you should also know some effective tips to complete the filling process safely and securely.

Tips for filling HPA tanks

Before going towards the gas filling, you should keep some tips to get the work done with excellence. On the HPA tank, a hydro date indicates the last time when they were inspected. Keep in mind that you have reinspected the tank every five years.

Make sure that you are not putting grease or oil on the tank fill nipple. This is because heat will build up during the filling, and these flammable oils will warm up. Therefore, there is the danger of creating the potential for a fire.

Don’t put your tank in direct sunlight, or do not put it in a hot car. This thing implies on all paintball tanks. In direct sunlight, pressure is created and blows a burst disc in a carbon dioxide tank.

Although HPA tanks are not so much over-pressurized, they can damage the regulator seals if they get much heat.

The manufacturer usually recommends to protect the tank with the tag cover. However, you can also go for a fabric bag to cover your tank.

Step by step process to fill HPA tank

Below, I will discuss the whole process step by step to make it easy for you to fill the HPA tank.

1. Check the HPA Tank

  • Before starting the filling process, you must check whether the tank is optimum or not.
  • This thing is essential, especially when there is any kind of leakage in the tank.
  • It will not function properly if there is a leakage. It may cause any severe damage or accident due to the leakage.
  • You can take expert help for repairing if you find any leakage in the tank. If you are an expert, then you can do it yourself with the use of some tools.

2. Release air from the tank

  • First of all, when you have decided to fill an HPA tank with gas, there should not be any air inside it.
  • So release all the air from the tank with one step, and it does not take so much time.
  • You can do this by simply opening the air-releasing valve. After removing all the air, you can close the valve.
  • Make sure you place your tank in a well-ventilated area during this step. The reason is that during the process, it may cause some breathing problems.
  • You might encounter some issues if you perform this work inside your home or garage.

3. Connection of the hose with air compressor

  • This is the point when you are ready to fill the HPA tank with an air compressor. Keep in mind that there is a nozzle in the tank and the air compressor.
  • You just have to make sure that both the nozzles are perfectly matched so that there is no air leakage.
  • Now you have to connect the air hose and for this purpose, open the small kit from both things.
  • Now connect them safely and make sure that it is perfectly fitted to the fitting of the tank.

4. Start the air compressor.

  • After the completion of step 3, you have to start the air compressor.
  • Ensure that it is turned on and is in full charge for the connection plug in the power source.
  • It does not matter whether the power source you are using is the electric power of the battery power.
  • However, the cable should be connected properly to avoid any kind of accident or problem.
  • Now turn on the compressor and start passing the air into the tank. After some minutes, the tank is filled with new air.
  • On the other side, confirm that you are maintaining the maximum PSI for air.
  • So, you must keep in mind that the compressor’s maximum PSI can’t match the required pressure on the tank.

5. Measure the PSI

  • During the filling of air, you must confirm that enough air is present in the tank.
  • You can check the air in the tank by measuring the PSI of the tank.
  • After completing the process, you can remove the nozzle from the air compressor, and at that time, the tank is filled with new air.
  • By reading the PSI of the tank, you can easily judge the pressure of the air compressor.

6. Place the tank in a secure place

  • It is common to observe that when you place your tank in an open area, it is not safe.
  • So look for a secured area in your home or on the project site to store the HPA tank securely.
  • Through this storage, you can reserve your tank for further use.
  • We all know very well that home improvement tools are getting famous day by day and are widely used.
  • Along with different tools, an air compressor is also a handy one.
  • Today, you can purchase an air compressor within your budget.


When are air compressors best?

Air compressors are very good at completing a different range of projects. They are especially used in situations when you have to fill something with air.

What do we mean by HPA tank?

Nowadays, many people are using air compressors to win their HPA tanks. Now, the question arises of what an HPA tank is. It is a tank that can cope with high-pressure air. You can fill the air in the tank with safety.

Can we fill an HP tank at a gas station?

Yes, you can easily fill your HPA tank at a gas station, especially when they are portable. If they are portable tanks, then you can easily take them to the gas station that has an air pump. On the other side, if you have paintball air tanks, you have to take them to paintball refill stations.

Final thoughts

You can easily fill your HPA tank with an air compressor. Through the above steps, you can easily get an idea of filling the HPA tank. All the system is very simple, and you will not get in any trouble if you follow all the steps.

However, keep in mind that you maintain the safety features recommended for the tank and the air compressor. As I also mentioned above, stop doing this task if you find any leakage in the hole in the tank.

First of all, do something to stop the leakage. Otherwise, you can take help from an expert and the repairing tools to repair the parts. When all is done, you can go for the filling work. Still, if you do not know how to fill the HPA tank, you can go to the nearby gas station.