Dewalt d55146 Review – Why Should You Have it?

In the world of air compressors, Dewalt rules the industry. Not only does it produces the best but the most reliable air compressors. From dewalt series of compressors, today we have Dewalt d55146 review on board.

About this compressor, users are raving a lot. Some of them have a very good belief in the machine, while others pop up with their doubts and confusions. Today, we’ll break all the myths and confirm all about this air compressors’ function with exact detail.

So, gear up your motor and follow us on this spec checking.

Dewalt d55146 Review – Feature Analysis with Facts

Dewalt d55146 air compressors have remained a target of critique. For several reasons, it is the best, while a few folks make its profile doubtful. Here, we’ll go through its feature and get the best idea of how potent and valuable it is.

  • Motor

The electric-powered unit is backed by a 1.6 horsepower motor. This potency makes the model worthy. Unlike other compressors for framing nailers, it has a brushed motor. However, that makes no difference in the working or output.

Keeping in view the environmental pollution and dirt, the manufacturers have encased it into plastic. With the integration of Efficient High-Pressure Technology (EHP), the life of the motor has multiplied.

  • Maximum Pressure

Where the maximum pressure of the Dewalt air compressor is 225 PSI @ 5.0 SCFM, it’s operable at different pressures. There’s a regulator on the compressor that allows you to do that. No matter what tool you want to apply it with, possibilities are always there.

  • Recovery Time and Maintenance

Just in 1.5 minutes, the air compressor reaches the utmost pressure. It has fast recovery times and keeps you from waiting so long. So, if you are all desperate to get on working when on the job site, it will definitely satisfy you.

Another big news with the compressor is the maintenance. It is an oil-free air compressor that needs no regular checkups. Even after the snow marathons, it demands no extra care.

  • Tank Size

Know that the tank of this compressor is 4.5 gallons. It may not be able to help out with the heavy-duty chores, but it’s definitely worth it to pair with small air tools like nail guns. The tank is also mounted stable.

Besides the tank’s sleek adjustment, one major flaw with the design is the placement of the drain valve. Located at the back of the tank, getting the moisture out of it is quite challenging. If left with the water in, the motor may fail.

Avoid doing drainage in both horizontal and vertical positions. To drain the water from this tank, it demands an angle of 45 degrees. That said, you need to prop up the unit, and that is surely not a good sign of practicality.

  • Noise Level

At 78 dB, although it’s under the safe range for ears, it’s still loud. Out there are other models that produce very low noise and are equally compatible. Mostly, these models belong to California Air tools.

  • Weight and Portability

The weight of this air compressor is 83 pounds. A bit daunting, but thanks to the thick and sturdy wheels, maneuvering is easy. Although you can’t hold it up and walk, it can surely be dragged after you. Telescopic handles are also to be credited for it.

For the packed spaces, it’s the best option to have. It stands upright and consumes very little space that makes it convenient to store. Whether transportation or storage, it marks a blue tick in both of the columns.

  • Best Operable With

Couplers in the air compressors are two in number. Fortunately, both of them are universal. That means you can plug it with any framing or roofing nailers.

Other than that, you can operate it with finish sprayers and chipping tools, and it will be perfectly fine. Thinking about the air ratchet or impact wrenches? Go ahead; the unit can handle that too. ½ inch impact wrench would be the best to go for.

  • Warranty

In terms of warranty, Dewalt is better than many air compressor suppliers in the market. However, its policies on Amazon differ from that of the original website.

When you buy a Dewalt air compressor from Amazon, all you get is one year warranty with one year of free service. While, on the official website, it’s backed with three years warranty, one year free service, and 90 days refund policy. The differences in both are apparent.

Customer’s Opinion of Dewalt d55146

A majority of customers give Dewalt d55146 a thumbs up for portability, maneuverability, storage, tank size, and power. After working with several air tools, they were satisfied with the outcome.

For them, it worked like a charm, and a few of them felt no air compressor could beat it. Not one popped commenting on the recovery time of more than 2 minutes. Each admired the time-saving option.

When it comes to outlet panels or gauges, the unit is extremely good. The outlets are simpler to push along, with the regulator running smooth. Concluding these, they mean to say it’s easy to operate.

About the cord, Dewalt air compressor reviews recommend to have an extension. A 15 amp extension cord is suggested, by the way. Otherwise, you may have to position the air compressor next to the outlet.

Admiring the self-standing, the low on space customers was happy. They credit the sturdy wheel design that holds the heavy load of the tank upright. Griping is also convenient as the handle is telescopic.

In the negative comments tops the complaints about the drain valve position. Instead of the bottom, the valve is located at the back of the tank. Ultimately, the drainage turns out a problem this way.

Previously, there were issues recorded with the leaks around the regulator. The consumers had such experiences and ranted about it. It’s been a long time now, however. No such issues have been observed, and it appears as manufacturers have fixed them.

Why Should You Have Dewalt D55146?

Knowing the overview of the air compressors for framing nailers might not be very much helpful. You make a decision confidently when reasons appear appropriate to you. Why not? Betting bucks is no small deal.

Get through this section and know if one’s best for you.

  • Multi-Tasker: Dewalt d55146 is one of the best air compressors for framing nailers. Not only framing nailer, but it also gets the job done with the roofing nailer. Having it could be your best decision if you have a regular job with these.
  • Portability/Easy Operations: One strong reason to have it is its portability and ease of operation. You can maneuver the tank very easily here and there. Also, it has two couplers allowing you to wind up your work quickly.
  • Low Maintenance: As an oil-free air compressor, it allows you to stay carefree. Nothing could be better to have if you don’t want to add another duty to your life.
  • Warranty: Count on the warranty too. With three years warranty, it’s no gamble to take. It consents you to buy it freely, and rest assured that the manufacturers have your back.
  • Durable: The unit holds the weight of the compressor pretty well. From its gauges to the regulator, wheels to handles, everything is a plus. Betting the bucks in the Dewalt 4.5 gallon air compressor means getting durability.

Why Should You Avoid Dewalt D55146?

Backed with 1.6 horsepower motors and the highest pressure of 225 PSI, Dewalt performs really well. Your routine may not welcome it the most, though, for many reasons.

For instance, if you can’t bear plenty of noise and want a silent unit. Another reason is the drain valve. Extra work and energy are what the machine demands, which you might not very much admire. Other than these, there’s no reason for you to pass on this product.


  1. Two couplers
  2. Crystal clear gauge
  3. Operable with multiple air tools
  4. Sufficient tank size
  5. Telescopic handles
  6. Sturdy and inflated wheels
  7. Quick recovery
  8. Sturdy motor
  9. Save space
  10. Stands upright
  11. Asks for low maintenance


  1. Positon of the drain valve
  2. A bit noisy

Our Verdict

Dewalt 200 psi 4.5-gallon air compressor has a good enough tank size for small jobs. Being oil-free, it allows you to stay stress-free for maintenance, despite the weather. Thanks to its sturdy wheels and telescopic handles, you can move it around with real ease.

Not only is it good for framing nailers, but it’s one of the best air compressors for roofing nailers, impact wrench, air ratchets. Coming with two universal couplers, it gets your job done with ease and in no time.

We also admire its standing upright, tank size, and maximum pressure. The motor also backs up strong with very little recovery time. Alone, yet the major flaw in the design is the placement of the drain valve that makes drainage difficult as a whole. Otherwise, it’s a go-to air compressor.