Best 60 Gallon Air Compressor: Review and Buyer Guide

Working continuously for hours, dealing with clients, owning a garage, and being a home DIYer. You need some heavy power air compressor to deal with your working. As for that, a 60-gallon air compressor is best as a 60-gallon air compressor comes with two suitable variants for you to select from them. There is also a PSI, Voltage, outlets, and pricing choices for you. So, let me solve out your queries and offer you an in-depth review of the best compressor 2022.

What Is Air Compressor?

An air compressor is a shapely tool. This tool helps you turn the diesel, gas, motor, or engine into some power. An air compressor enforces air into the power tank to enhance the pressure. When the pressure reaches the limit, it shuts off the power. This compressed air is then held in the storage unit.

What is a 60-Gallon Air compressor?

A 60-Gallon air compressor is a compressor that has a storage limit of about 60 gallons. You can easily power up heavy tools with this 60-gallon compressor. There are two main types of variants present in this compressor. A 60-Gallon air compressor is perfect for anyone owning a private garage or dealing with clients.

Variants of 60-Gallon Air Compressor

The primary two types of 60-gallon air compressors are:

  • Single-Stage air pump.
  • Two-stage air pump.

Single-Stage Air Pump:

A single-stage air pump helps you in pushing the pressure up to 150 PSI max. The single-stage compressor is also known as a piston compressor. In this variant, the air is compressed one time. The single-stage air pump is cheaper as compared to the two-stage air pump.

Two-Stage Air Pump:

Two-stage air pump compressor enforces pressure of about 200 PSI maximum. 2-stage air compressor works by sending the compressed air into the storage space. From there, the air gets from a small piston to the storage tank of a higher unit. It helps you to power up higher equipment. The two-stage air pump is expensive as there are more parts and functioning involved.

Working of Air Compressor

Air compressor works by enforcing the air into a storage unit and then pressurizing it. After that, the air is then pushed from the opening into the tank. Here pressure comes up. Air compressors work through an outlet of 110v and horsepower in the range of 0.8 to 2HP.

Powerful tools such as action sander, spray gun and dual-action sander helps you in the mechanism of pushing air into the compressor for perfect pressure. An air compressor is basically a balloon that produces energy when air is compressed.

Our Pick 6 Best 60 Gallon Air Compressors

There are many 60 gallons of air compressors on the market. Here I have selected some of the top-rated and perfect air compressors after noticing their pricing and features. So, let us have a look at them.

1. DeWalt 60 Gallon Two Stage Air Compressor

If you think of the best air compressor, the DeWalt brand is on the top list. This air compressor is best when it comes to pricing, along with the heavy units and sturdy construction. Dewalt DXCMV5076055 is the perfect model for you if your mission is to handle home garages. Offering you a pressure of about 175 PSI output. Along with the outstanding features, this 60-gallon compressor ensures to provide you with the perfect industrial performance.

Plus points
  • Perfect for working with multiple devices.
  • An outlet port of about ¾ inches is attached.
  • Offers you the perfect powerful motor.
  • Expensive

DXCMV5076055 optimizes power and helps you in the operation of more than one device as this compressor has two pumps. It comprises a ¾-inch outlet port to assist you in powering the powerful automotive tools without any airflow issues. The best part about this compressor is that no matter if it has a 5-hp powerful motor, it doesn’t produce a loud noise.

Moreover, the perfect patented pump design never allows the pump to be overheated and stop working. The construction of this air compressor is designed to protect against voltage fluctuation and ensures the best air intake.

Plus, the Dewalt 60-gallon compressor comprises a two-stage pump to sort the workload and power various devices instead of one. Also, the perfect part is that the tank is made up of robust material to control rust and offers a long-lasting life to your tank and compressor. So, if we notice the quality, features, power, and construction, I would highly recommend you this air compressor.

DeWalt DXCMV5076055 60 gallon 5 hp Two Stage Air Compressor
  • Operates more than one device.
  • Large storage capacity of about 60 gallons.
  • The tank pressure gauge is present to support the power tank.
  • A warranty of 2 years current.
  • A compressor cooling option is present to prevent overheating.

2. Ingersoll Rand SS5 60 Gallon Air Compressor

The second top-notch product currently rocking the market after Dewalt 60-gallon compressor is Ingersoll. So, if you are looking for a compressor for less than $1500, you can go with the Ingersoll compressor.

This 60-gallon air compressor is best when it comes to power and pricing. The best part about this Ingersoll compressor is maximum power, along with flexibility. So, this compressor provides you with strength of about 175 PSI, fulfilling your automotive needs.

Plus Point
  • A huge storage tank is available.
  • A warranty of one year is attached.
  • Perfect pump life of about 15,000 hours is present.
Minus Point
  • May create disturbance during working due to excessive vibration. 

Furthermore, this air compressor provides voltages of 230V with the single-pump motor. This product has a long-lasting operation time and has been sustainable for more than 30 years due to its sturdy construction. This compressor is perfect for garage working, dealing with clients, woodworking, and fulfilling your automotive needs.

Offering you the inter cooling system, this compressor will ensure not to heat up the motor. In this way, you can work for hours without any disturbance. An electronic drain valve is also attached to simplify the operating of the engine.

The compressor is constructed with sturdy material to prevent cracks and leakages. Also, you would love to hear that there is an automatic switch on/off pressure control present to manage to power up quickly without any disturbance.

There is an accessible fill oil port and change filter present for you. Apart from every other perfect feature, there is also heavy-duty tire inflation and tools current in this compressor. It weighs about 140 kg and so is super easy to tackle and carry around.

Overall, the Ingersoll air compressor is perfect for anyone on a tight budget. It lasts for more than 15,000 hours and has a powerful motor of 230V. Also, you receive a warranty of about one year, so you never need to worry about the abnormal functioning of the compressor.

Ingersoll Rand SS5 5HP 60 Gallon Single Stage Air Compressor (230V, Single Phase)
  • A tank of about 60 gallons is attached.
  • A powerful motor of 230V is present.
  • Single-stage oil pump available.
  • Provides you 90PSI airflow.
  • Long-lasting, 

PRO TIP: Please verify voltage available at your building before purchasing a compressor. Confirming voltage is a vital step for a successful installation. The following are potential risks if you do not verify voltage:

  • The compressor will be unable to operate safely
  • The breaker could trip and the compressor will be unable to operate
  • The motor could experience a premature failure

Please have a certified electrician check your building voltage if you are unsure. Remember Ingersoll Rand compressors have a 10% voltage tolerance.

3. Quincy 2V41C60VC Air Compressor 6 Gallons

If you are not satisfied with Ingersoll air compressor due to higher vibration while working. I guess you should give a try to Quincy 2V41C60V. This qualitative air compressor has a built-in thermal cooling system to heat flow. So, you will never have to wait for the motor’s cooling. The perfect material used in construction prevents the engine from corrosion along with cracks and leaks.

The unique selling point of this motor is that it appears with a powerful Baldor motor for industrial working. This motor has a perfect working time to ensure the working of hours. Another best feature of the Quincy air compressor is the PSI range of about 140-175 PSI. In this way, you can tackle the most challenging and course jobs.

Plus Points
  • Thermal cooling system attached.
  • A warranty of one year is available.
  • It can operate for multiple hours constantly. 
Minus Points
  • Is loud. 

Moreover, the pump provides you with a resolution per min of about 1310, so the operation is slower than any other compressor. A built-in two-stage compressor supports this product. So, you can efficiently work with more than one device in the meantime.

There is a 2-stage belt pump present, so you can efficiently work without any disturbance of vibrations. Plus, there are about 30,000 hours of pump life, so the compressor will last long without getting destroyed easily. It weighs about 475 pounds and therefore is easy to tackle and work.

You get a warranty of 1 year. So, if you note that your compressor is acting up, you can benefit by replacing the product. It costs about $1900 and so is perfect for anyone dealing with automotive and garage work.

Quincy QT-54 Splash Lubricated Reciprocating Air Compressor - 5 HP, 230 Volt, 1 Phase, 60-Gallon Vertical, Model Number 2V41C60VC
  • The motor of about 5HP present.
  • An air compressor of about 1310 RPM is attached.
  • Offers you a pressure of 175 PSI.
  • Protects the motor from leaks and cracks.
  • It has a pump life of about 30

4. Campbell Hausfeld 60 Gallon Air Compressor

Looking for the perfect harsh material and durable compressor? You can definitely go with the Campbell Hausfeld Air compressor. This air compressor is made up of iron and so perfect in terms of construction and durability. After Quincy air compressor, Campbell is ranking among the users.

This air compressor has a two-stage pump to help you operate with many devices compared to one. You can also perform a variety of jobs like air impacts, spray painting, rotating wheels, and other functions. Also, it has a powerful motor offering you a maximum PSI of 175 for best performance.

Plus Points
  • Durable and powerful.
  • Pump present with a 2-stage belt driven.
  • Long-lasting working hours of more than 5,000.
Minus Points
  • It can be loud.

It offers you about 7HP and so can easily power up the engine. This air compressor has about 5,000 working hours that are obviously greater than any other compressor on the list. The best part about this product is that it can operate for more fantastic hours without disturbing your job in between.

However, there is no warranty available for this compressor. The tank is easy to set up and work with. Also, another thing that I really like is that it can never leak and crack up quickly due to the rigid material used in construction. Plus, you can keep it soon in a limited space. Came up with the price of about $1207 and so it is super affordable.

Overall, this air compressor is perfect for anyone who has to work for long hours constantly without any break. However, there are also some miss points that this compressor is loud and can build up vibrations that can be a cause of disturbance for some.

Campbell Hausfeld 60 Gallon 3.7 HP 230V Vertical Stationary Air Compressor (VT6195)
  • A vertical tank is attached to fit in less spacing.
  • Max pressure of about 175 PSI.
  • Comprises a powerful motor of 230 volts.
  • The two-stage pump is attached.
  • Can support jobs like nailing, painting furniture, 

5. PowerMate 60 Gallon Single Stage Air Compressor

In case you haven’t find any other compressor present in the list, suitable for yourself. You can go with this single-stage compressor known as PowerMate. This compressor is best for a person working on a single device with a total concentration like professionals and DIY users. This compressor offers you a maximum power of about 155 PSI and so is super reliable for anyone with heavy jobs.

The best part is the cheap pricing and the robust iron construction. So, the compressor can last for years without getting damaged and without any risks of corrosion, leaks, and cracks. Another powerful feature is the perfect horsepower of about 3.7HP. At this horsepower, you will never face any performance issues or disturbance in working.

Plus Point
  • Warranty of 2 years attached.
  • Less noise for shops.
  • An aluminum head with an aluminum. valve is present.
Minus Point
  • The valve can fall easily.

It is super easy to tackle as it has a weight of about 247 pounds. Apart from every other feature, it has an aluminum head along with an aluminum valve to support the airflow of the pump. Plus, you will never face any storage issues because it comprises dimensions of about 30x27x68 inches (LWH). As a bonus, it comes with a warranty of 2 years and so you will never need to worry about the damage.

Overall, this product is perfect and super recommended for anyone on a tight budget. Also, it is ideal for you as a professional or a dedicated user.

PowerMate Vx PLA3706056 60-Gallon Single Stage Vertical Cast Iron Air Compressor
  • Storage space of 60 gallons.
  • Heavy duty motor of about 240V.
  • Iron Flywheel of 12 inches is attached.
  • It is an iron twin cylinder pump. 
  • Supports pressure of 150PSI.

6. Industrial Air 60 Gallons Compressor

For anyone ready to work with heavy, demanding applications like vehicle services and live-stock, PowerMate might not do the performance as an Industrial Air 60 Gallon compressor. This compressor offers you heavy-duty functioning. It has a two-stage air pump that helps you work with multiple devices simultaneously.

Plus Points
  • Durable and sturdy construction.
  • Powerful motor with a resolution of 3450 RPM.
  • A double-stage pump is present.
Minus Points
  • Never arrives with an electric cord.

This air compressor has perfect airflow capability for supporting high functioning. It comprises a horsepower of about 5HP and a belt-driven. An industrial air compressor creates no noise and so is super comfortable to go. Providing you with a perfect RPM of about 3450 helps you enhance your work.

With all other features, you also get a perfect CFM of 15.3 units at a pressure of 100 PSI. On 13.5 CFM, you get a pressure of 175 PSI, so you can easily change the range according to your job. This CFM and PSI are perfect for anyone ready to drive sander, air hammer, nail, and spray guns. Plus, you get a warranty of 2 years, which is perfect for you.

There are four holes present on the top for supporting erected tanks in less effort. The built-in heat up during the cycle with the compressor not only increases the life of the compressor but also supports constant compression. So, is anyone ready to deal with a private garage and influential work? This air compressor is perfect.

Industrial Air IV5076055 60 gallon 5 hp Two Stage Air Compressor
  • A tank gauge with an on and off switch is present.
  • Patented pump design to extract out heat easily.
  • An air outlet port of 3/4 inches is attached.
  • Built-in wire form bell guard.
  • Two-stage pump for supporting multiple devices. 

Buyer Guide:

There are some essential features that you have to keep in mind before buying your favorite air compressors. So, let’s have a look at these features.


Notice the weight of the product. This factor is vital as you need to move the compressor from one place to another. So, in this way, you will never feel tired and can also tackle the heavy work easily. That is why always try to go with the product of light to average weight.

Motor Power

Move with the power of about 5HP minimum and so on. This power will help you keep a balance in between working. Also, you will need less effort and attain perfect output.


Although you will notice a different type of pressure in other compressors, an air compressor should have about 175PSI maximum power. If you can’t afford the product with 155 PSI, you can also go with one having 155 PSI or a 135 PSI.


Much 60-gallon air compressor comes in two variants: single-stage and double-stage. Think about your workload and then go with a single or double one. Like, if you have less work, you can go with a single-stage pump, and if you have to deal with multiple devices, you can go with the double one.

Price and Warranty

Lastly, check out the pricing and warranty of the air compressor. Both factors are essential to catch up with the product. If you are on a budget, go with the cheap one. Otherwise, you can buy the pricey one too. Also, the warranty should be there because if your compressor starts acting up, you can replace it with a new one.


So, here you have got a perfect range of products that are reliable not only on the basis of working, features, and construction but also in terms of price. If you are still confused about your desire and unable to select from the range, I would recommend you to go with DeWalt 60 gallons air compressor. This product is getting leads in the market due to the perfect use, price, and robust motor. Therefore, you will never be disappointed by the decision. You can drop it down in the comment box if you have any other best air compressors to add up here. Thanks for giving it a read.


Which compressor is best for a garage?

There are many top compressors present in the market. Some of the leading products are DeWalt 60 Gallon compressor, Industrial compressor, Quincy compressor, and many others.

What is an excellent 60-gallon air compressor?

DeWalt and Quincy 60 gallons air compressors are considered best. Because both of these brands never compromise on quality and provide you with a powerful motor, warranty, and strong customer support.

What size air compressor do I need for my garage?

For home garage and other low workings, you can go with the compressor have 2.6 gallons to the 20 Gallons in size.

What type of air compressor lasts the longest?

Oil lubricated air compressors are said to be long-lasting products as they have a higher tendency to work perfectly with demanding jobs. Plus, they are easy to maintain.

What size air compressor do I need to run air tools?

For air tools, you need to look for a pressure of a minimum of 90 PSI and a perfect air hammer. Moreover, your site should be compatible enough to deal with your daily routine working. It should be more than 32 inches.