6 Best 2 Stage Air Compressor Reviews | Exceptional Performance

There are thousands of air compressors existing in the market. Some are designed for professionals, although others are for homeowners. What you want here is the best 2 stage air compressors pump.

In this kind of air compressor, the 2 stage air compressor is also termed a double stage air compressor; the air approaching compresses in two different paths.

For substantial assignments or tasks, Two stage air compressor is the most acceptable option. The question that worries you is how to choose the best-known and best-selling 2-stage air compressor? So don’t worry.

This article will converse all features, benefits, and negative points of the best 2-stage air compressor. So if you are curious about facts and figures about the best Dual stage air compressor, scroll through the article.

6 Best 2 Stage Air Compressors

1. 80 Gallon Horizontal Two-Stage Air Compressor (CE7052)

Now you can see widespread your all missions rapidly and easily with Campbell Hausfeld air compressor. Campbell Hausfeld is a brand that delivers you all air tools, air compressors, their fittings, pressure washer, paint sprayers, inflators, nailers, and staplers.

80-gallon 2 stages horizontal air compressor is the perfect compressor for overhaul facilities like spontaneous repair competency and tire repair facilities. This compressor is mainly designed for professionals and homeowners. It can power any type of air tool.

Campbell Hausfeld 80 Gallon Horizontal Two-Stage Air Compressor, 17.2CFM 5HP 208-230V 1PH (CE7052)
  • Weight: 560 pounds

  • Dimension : 25×68×50 inches

  • Size :  80 Gallon

  • Voltage : 230 volts

  • Maximum power : 5 HP


Some fantastic features of the 80-gallon air compressor must demonstrate very support to you. So just read the unconquerable features.

  • Power of air tools

The CE705 80-gallon air compressor pump has 17.2 Cubic feet per minute, 90 PSI, and maximum of 175 PSI. It has a high flow of air.

Due to high PSI, this air compressor effectively operates different types of high superiority tools. This air compressor is ideal for electrical power that is single phase.

  • Two-stage pump

Air compressor has many remarkable features that are significant if you want to finish your projects with comfort. The 2 stage air compressor has an 80-gallon air compressor tank and a two stage pump.

It is robust and reliable to you. The life of an air compressor is more than 150000 hours because of these features. In short, it is spent a long life.

  • Manage multiple applications

This 80-gallon air compressor is faultless for cutting, nailing, stapling, paint sprayers, inflators, grinders, and bolting applications.

If we compare this air compressor with a gasket, the valve plates and pump head features are progressive and especially deliberate for sealing high pressure with Viton high-pressure rings. It is perfect for almost all sorts of applications.


  1. Extremely powerful
  2. Long life
  3. Handle a variety of tools and applications
  4. Well made product


  1. Sometimes, nonresponsive

2. 80 Gallon Vertical 2 Stage (XC802100)

If you want to purchase a compressor with modest qualities, you must buy an 80 Gallon Vertical air compressor. It is intended to do many jobs like painting the furniture, deeply nailing, rotating wheels, and grinding welds.

This compressor is the finest for both professionals and intermediates. All the clienteles and experts endorse this compressor because it is excellent.

If you want to accomplish your jobs efficiently, then an 8-gallon vertical air compressor is your right choice because this air compressor has incredible features that fulfill your needs.

Campbell Hausfeld 80 Gallon Vertical 2 Stage Air Compressor (XC802100)
  • Weight: 325 pounds

  • Dimension : 26.5x29.5x66 inches

  • Size :  80 Gallon

  • Voltage : 230 volts

  • Maximum power : 5 HP

Features :

Some of the features are given below

  • Lubrication:

An 80 gallon vertical air compressor has an oil-lubricated 2 stage pump. This oil lubrication decreases the noise and enhances permanency. This excellence made this compressor reliable.

  • Heavy-duty Induction

This air compressor has high voltage, 240 voltage, and 5 HP. 8-gallon air compressor has a deeply initiated motor that produces the highest pressure. It functions with a wide variety of tools and applications. The maintenance of this compressor is a long time, and it has no power cord.

  • Maximum Pressure

80 gallon horizontal air compressor has all-out pressure of 175psi, but this vertical air compressor boasts maximum pressure of 170 psi and 11.9 CFM at 90 psi. It is perfect for all types of applications. But this compressor is flawless for workshops, garage, and shops claims.

  • Ideal Voltage

This 80 gallon vertical air compressor requires a 230 voltage power supply for the reliable act. If you are grinding, sanding, and rotating wheels for the reparation of engines, then this 80-gallon vertical air compressor is supreme for you.


  1. Dual Nature
  2. Versatile and Portable
  3. Best Performance
  4. Reasonable Price


  1. Short Life

3. 60 Gallon Vertical 2 Dual Air Compressor (XC602100)

If you are looking for an air compressor with great skill to run nonviolent and quickly, you must select a 6 gallon air compressor. Trust me; this compressor is your best choice. The long run time is the foremost factor that makes this compressor greater than others.

6 gallon air compressor is faultless for professionals. Some of its extraordinary qualities make it different from others. It is specially made to do various jobs like painting furniture, grinding welds, heavily nailing, and rotating tires.

Campbell Hausfeld 60 Gallon Vertical 2 Stage Air Compressor (XC602100)
  • Weight: 255 pounds

  • Dimension : 71.75x31.75x28.25 inches

  • Size :  60 Gallon

  • Voltage : 230 volts

  • Maximum power : 3.7HP


  • CFM/Hp

This 60 gallon air compressor has a maximum pressure of 175 psi and 7.6 CFM at 90 psi. This pressure is dependable for the optimum performance of tools. The 80-gallon vertical air compressor has 5 Hp, but this compressor has 3.7 horsepower.

  • Lubrication of oil

A 60-gallon air compressor is a cast iron and oil lubricated. This lubrication of oil raises the permanency of the compressor and makes this compressor reliable, robust, and productive for long-term practice.

  • Voltage

This 60 gallons air compressor is perfect for workshops and garages. It is also both for housing and marketable. This compressor needed 230 voltages for best performance. The motor of this compressor makes all-out pressure that operates an enormous variety of tools for long-term use.

4. 30 Gallon Vertical Portable Air Compressor (XC302100)

This 30 gallons air compressor is obtainable at a sensible price. This air compressor is moveable and can operate with plenty of tools. It is the best choice for professional’s dyers and contractors. This unique compressor builds in the USA.

It is one of the top-ranked compressors among all the product of compressors. All customers positively review it.

Campbell Hausfeld 30 Gallon Vertical Portable Air Compressor (XC302100)
  • Weight: 178 pounds

  • Dimension : 55x28x26 inches

  • Size :  30 Gallon

  • Voltage : 240 volts

  • Maximum power :  2HP


  • Dual voltage motor

The air compressor has a dual voltage motor. It can function on different volts, like maybe in 120V or 240V. 120V volt is best for home usage, and 240 is for professionals. This air compressor is multipurpose, and this adaptability makes it different from others.

  • Pneumatic tires and maximum PSI

This 2-stage air compressor has large aeriform wheels. So you can travel this compressor from one location to another very quickly. It brings the 4.1 CFM at 90 psi and 3.9 at 175 psi.

  • Lifetime

This 30-gallon air compressor is transportable and movable. Its lifetime is 5000 hours, so you can use it to spray paint on cars, inflators, grinding, nailing, and many more others. This compressor has a metal belt around it. This belt defends the compressor from harm.


  1. Easy to handle
  2. Easily movable
  3. Long life
  4. Suitable price
  5. Versatile


  1. Little bit noisy

5. 80 gallons Two Stage Compressor (2475N7.5 – P7)

If you are observing for a compressor that has best-selling and higher requests, then choose (2475N7.5-P 7) 80 gallons air compressor. This compressor is specially designed for industrial and workshop usage.

The extraordinary performance of this compressor makes it perfect for almost all applications like body shops, machine shops, fleet conservation, dry cleaners, woodworking shops, farms, and many more.

This is a top-graded compressor-producing brand that builds compressors of the highest qualities. There are some fantastic features of this compressor that are given below.

2475N7.5-P 7.5hp 80 gal Two-Stage Compressor (230/1)
  • Airflow capacity: 24 CFM

  • Power Source: Corded Electric

  • Size :  30 Gallon

  • Voltage : 230 volts

  • Maximum power :  7.5HP


  • Long life

This 2 stage air compressor has a long life. Its construction is tough with cast iron. Their pumps have long-lasting and are very suitable. A long-life pump is mainly made for problem-free usage. This dual stage air compressor has 5000 lifetimes, but you can use this compressor for up to 15000 hours without any difficulty.

  • Maximum Power

One hundred percent reliable duty makes this 2475N7.5-P 7 80 gallons 2 stages air compressor flexible and reliable. This air compressor has 5 or 7.5 horsepower. Its all-out pressure is 170 psi, and the receiver tank is perfect for almost all applications.

  • Reliable

This 2 stage air compressor is very informal to use. Their oil lubrication ability makes this compressor well-organized. It achieves many times longer than another petroleum-based compressor.

6. 60 gallons Two-Stage Compressor (2340L5-V 5hp)

Ingersoll Rand is a well-known company all over the earth. This company manufacture first-class compressors with flexible, durable, and well-organized performance. If you want to buy 2 stage air compressor for your income use, you must select this air compressor. I’m sure it will be very willing to you.

This 2340L5-V 60 gallon air compressor is mainly constructed for industries, factories, and work usage. This compressor is faultless for all applications because its performance is extraordinary and the best.

2340L5-V 5hp 60 gal Two-Stage Compressor (230/3)
  • Weight: 430 pounds

  • Power Source: Air powered

  • Size :  60 Gallon

  • Voltage : 230 volts

  • Maximum power :  5HP


  • Design for unexceptional performance

The design of this compressor is just excellent. It increases the cylinder’s cooling to 360 degrees to eliminate hot spots. This compressor turns cooler because of the integral flywheel and high-energy copper intercooler.

  • Flexibility

This best compressor delivers 175 maximum pressure. It is specifically designed to meet automatic servers’ requirements, car washes, repair shops, etc. This 60 gallons air compressor has to storage tank. This skill of storage makes this compressor flexible.

  • Longevity and durability

You can use a compressor in your garage and workshop. You can effortlessly substitute or change this compressor when it becomes evaded. It has a 100 percent cast iron frame; you can use this compressor every day. The capability of lubrication makes this compressor durable, reliable, and unfailing.


  1. Solid and Quiet
  2. Reliable
  3. Easy To Handle
  4. Reasonable Price


  1. Somehow leakage

Buying guides for 2 stage air compressor

Before buying an air compressor with a dual-stage, you must consider some things. Many customers do not know about the best 2-stage air compressor. They face worrying about buying the best and most inexpensive air compressor.

There is countless 2 stage air compressor with different features and functions, but you don’t know about the best air compressor for your garage.


The first thing is the style of air compressor. 2 stage air compressor contains two styles. It may be vertical or horizontal. It is contingent upon the nature of work which you want to buy. You must choose a vertical air compressor pump if you do not have abundant space in your workshop.

But if you have much space or the highest limitations, pick a horizontal one. There is no difference between these two air compressors, just their styles.


Hp is a significant point to check before buying 2 stage air compressor. If the air compressor has more powerhouse, the more influential the compressor will harvest more Cubic feet per minute.

Cubic feet per minute:

CFM is another crucial thing to control if you want to purchase a perfect dual stage air compressor. Even 2 stage air compressor has Cubic feet per minute. The more advanced the CFM, the more the volume of air.

Choose the 2 stage air compressor with all-out Cubic feet per minute if you want to grip advanced workload—tools like sanders and grinders obligatory more CFM than other tools like a nail gun.


The size of air compressor is very significant. It is stately in gallons. Its range is from 60 to 200 gallons. The air compressor pump size depends upon your air compressor use.

If your tan of air compressor is filled with air, air compressors work. If you are selecting air tools or types of equipment, the pressure from the tank is removed. But if the air compressor spreads low, it will go back and fills again.

But if your compressor stops and preliminary continuously, it will overheat and injure the compressor.


The voltage difference depends upon the drive of your using 2 stage air compressor. For housing purposes, you have to obtain a single-phase air compressor. The wiring of the air compressor is the most significant thing to choose before purchasing an air compressor.

For businesses, a three-phase air compressor is desirable. 2 stage air compressor with three phases are very content and efficient. There are lots of air compressors present on the market, so you must select the one that encounters your needs.


What is 2 stage air compressor?

Both 2 stage air compressor and single stage air compressor do the same work. But there is a slight difference between both of them.

In a single stage air compressor, the air stays only one time between the nozzle and inlet valve. But in the case of 2 stage air compressor, the air is double. It will make double-sided pressure.

The benefit of 2 stage air compressor is that compressor will work fastly, more successfully, and without heat.

What is the purpose of using 2 stage air compressor?

Single-stage air compressors are very appropriate and reliable. It is perfect for small projects and tasks.

Single-stage air compressors are mainly designed for work on a small scale. But 2 stage air compressor is typically used in factories and industries. Because it is more multipurpose, reliable, and trim. It is mainly used for a heavy workload and higher applications like sanding and painting.