Are Home Depot (Husky) Air compressors Any Good?

Are you looking for a Home Depot air compressor? Wait, you will not find any air compressors from Home Depot as they don’t sell their personalized air compressors. Instead of manufacturing their air compressors, Home Depot sells air compressors from various brands. However, one of the most popular brands that Home Depot sells is Husky.

So if you are considering buying a Home Depot Husky air compressor and are unsure about its quality and functionality, I am here to help. Today’s article will get into more detail about Home Depot (Husky) Air compressors. Is it any good?

We will get into details about the pros and cons of buying husky air compressors, who should buy them, and who shouldn’t. So let’s begin.

Who Makes Home Depot Husky Air Compressors?

In 1924 the Husky air compressors started their manufacturing. The brand was founded by Sigmun Mandl and J.H William. Later on, Stanley works acquired Husky. In 1992 Husky sold all their rights to Home Depot.

Hausfeld and Campbell are the manufacturers of the Husky air compressors in 2022. Moreover, Husky is a subsidiary of Home Depot. Home Depot is a popular chain of American stores. So basically, Home depot is not the manufacturer of the Husky air compressor. Instead, they are the main market of the Husky brand through their stores. Home Depot does this with many other brands like Campbell Hausfeld, Ridgid, Makita, Dewalt, Senco, and Porter cable.

Where are Husky air compressors Manufactured?

In the early days of collaboration between Sigmun Mandl and J.H William, the brand produced almost all of its stock by itself. However, with time when the brand expanded, it started outsourcing the product to different manufacturers.

When Stanley acquired the Husky air compressor and sold rights to Home depot, the manufacturer of Husky tools was Apex Tools. Apex Tools are a popular manufacturer of Weller, Crescent, SATA, and Cleco.

Till 2022 as Campbell and Hausfeld will manufacture the Husky air compressor. Both Campbell and Hausfeld are US-based companies. However, the Husky air compressors manufacturers mainly believed in China and India.

Why are Home Depot(Husky)Air Compressors Good And Worth the Money?

According to the consumer report and hundreds of online reviews, Husky air compressors are budget-friendly and practical air compressors. Husky air compressors are worth the money as they come with a well-built structure and great functionality at a low price in comparison with other expensive brands in the market like Dewalt.

From my research, I found that almost 4 reviews out of 5 praised the air compressors’ functionality. Furthermore, customers are also happy with the air compressors’ low noise level and heavy-duty job functionality.

What makes a Home depot Husky air compressor better than other brands in the market?

When there are so many well-known brands like Dewalt and Bostitch, what makes Home Depot Husky air compressors better than other brands in the market? For me, the price is something that makes them special.

The low-priced Husky models offer great workmanship and functional work time that the brand gets recognized worldwide. They are great for small workshop owners and homeowners. You can find different models, small ones and large ones from them. In addition, many air compressor models are also great for commercial use.

I am not saying that they are without flaws. For instance, the Husky air compressors are not a good choice if you want a model for constant use. They are great for a few hours’ use. So if you are looking for a model for continuous use, then maybe Husky is not the right choice.

What are the different types of Husky Air Compressors Available?

There are two types of air compressors; oil lubricated models and oil-free models. The oil lubricated models are great for heavy-duty use and commercial use. On the other hand, the oil-free models are great for home use. Let’s look at what’s the difference between both types.

Oil free Models

Oil free models will have no mechanical contact in the compression chambers. These models do not require proper and regular maintenance.

Using an oil free model provides maintenance free working as well as they provide high quality air for heavy duty use. The oil free models also eliminate harmful chemical emissions and offer a better and clean air supply in comparison with oil lubricated models.

The oil free husky air compressors you can get in different sizes. They are great for home use and for those who don’t want air compressors that require proper maintenance.

Oil lubricated model

The oil lubricated air compressor will use oil to keep the rotary element and piston running smoothly without damaging the mechanism.

The oil lubricated air compressor will keep the piston running smoothly without damaging the mechanism. These compressors will require proper oil to keep the operating system running smoothly.

The oil lubricated models are usually recommended when we get commercial use air compressors. Almost all the heavy duty husky air compressors come in oil lubricated modes.

What are the Different Sizes of Air Compressors Available?

After finding the different types of air compressors, let’s find what different sizes of Husky air compressors available are? Husky does not limit their air compressor to home use and commercial use. Therefore, you can easily find small husky air compressor models and heavy-duty ones. To make it easy, I will describe them in the Small, medium, and large-sized categories.

Small size Husky air compressor

Small-sized husky air compressors start from 1-gallon models to 4.5 gallons. The small models are well recommended if you want a home to use husky air compressors. The maximum CFM rating you can get from these models will be 3CFM at 90 PSI. They also offer good pressure between 120-175PSI. Some popular small-size Husky air compressors for home use are right below.

Medium-size Husky air compressor

With the medium-sized Husky air compressors, you can get from 8 to 20 gallons. These models are great for home garages, workshop uses, and other job sites. You can get a max PSI of 200 from these models. In addition, their well-built motors and low noise levels make them great to use anywhere without hassle.

Large size Husky air compressor

The largest husky models come with an 80-gallon capacity. You can find good commercial use models between 20 to 80-gallon capacity. All these models are great to use for heavy-duty tasks. You can choose the gallon capacity according to the type of work you want to finish with them. They can deliver heavy duty tasks functionality with great ease.

How to use husky air compressors?

Husky air compressors are not complicated to use. While following simple steps, you can use it efficiently.

  • Make sure to read the manual of the air compressor first. From the manual, learn how to set up the air compressor.
  • If your model is oil lubricated, check the oil level.
  • Now attach the air hose with your compressor.
  • It’s time to set the pressure regulator at what pressure you want,
  • Now start using air tools.
  • Once finished, drain the tank and store the air compressor in a dry place.

What about the maintenance of your Husky air compressor? Maintenance Guidelines

Usually, the oil free models do not require so much maintenance and take care of compressors. However, the oil-lubricated compressors need proper maintenance guidelines. Here I will share some of the maintenance guidelines for husky air compressors to make it easier.

  • For the tank models, make sure to drain the water from the tank regularly. The humidity in the environment usually forms condensation on the tank, so to avoid it take care of the draining process of the tank.
  • Secondly, after every six months or one year, inspect the compressor tank for rust, wear and tears problems, and pinholes.
  • Always drain the moisture of the tank once you are done using it.
  • Protect the air hose and the cords of the compressor from damage. Many compressors that come with cord storage, use that to make them safe.
  • Use soft cloths and natural solvents to clean the machine’s dirt and grime.
  • When not in use, always try to store your air compressor in a cool and dry place.
  • Before using the air compressor, check the leakage and any damage. Furthermore, check the closure has the right tightened before use.
  • In case of any vibration, immediately stop the air compressor and try to find the relevant cause and its solution.

Do Husky Air Compressors Have Lifetime Warranties?

No, the husky air compressor does not come with lifetime warranties. Want to know about husky hand tool warranty information? There is good news. You can get a 2 years limited warranty for husky air compressor models. The warranty will cover workmanship and material defects. Isn’t it amazing? So if you face any issues in the 2 years of your purchase, you can return to the Home Depot store with your receipt and get repair and replacement service for free.

Firstly they will try to repair the model. If it does not work, you can replace your product. However, let me clarify that the 2 year limited warranty will not cover wear and tear, product misuse, and damage caused by any particular incident.

Are Husky Air Compressors Worth It?

Husky air compressors are worth the money if you want something reliable and affordable for home and commercial use. But don’t expect constant use from the Husky models. You can use them for a few hours only. So right before making a purchase decision, don’t forget this pout.

Overall, husky air compressors come with a good warranty and workmanship. Once you invest in a Husky air compressor, you can expect great Craftsmanship and years of functionality from them. In addition, they are great to use with their easy-to-use design and easy-to-maintain body.

Home Depot (Husky) Air compressors Pros and Cons

Everything always has some advantages and disadvantages. The same is true for Home depot(Husky) air compressors. So let’s look at some pros and cons of the Husky air compressor.

What do we like about the Home Depot (Husky) air compressor?

Let’s look at what we like about Husky air compressors.


For home use models, portability is something I liked about Home Depot air compressors. You can easily move them from one place to another. So they offer great ease in their use. The well-built wheels and sturdy handles make them easy to move from one place to another. This feature is great for those who want a compressor that needs to be at different spots.

Low Noise level:

The noise level is also something appreciating about the Husky air compressors. They are great to use in the home without bearing heavy noise. Almost all the husky models also come with silent feature options. The silent feature will make sure to reduce the noise level to a great extent.

Diverse choices:

As mentioned above, different types of models are available in the market. There are different sizes also. You can choose various models from their manufacturing lines, from home use models to commercial use.


Another thing that was amazing about the Husky air compressor was the price. So many affordable models offer great features and good functionality. So in comparison with the expensive model, the Husky provides a great worth of money.

Great warranty:

Warranty is another pro of Husky air compressors. It comes with a limited 2 years lifetime warranty. So you can expect good support in case of any mishap and problem. Furthermore, they also offer good customer support to their clients.

What do we not like about Home Depot(Husky)air compressors?

Not for constant use:

One of the main downsides I noticed is that most models are not for constant use. For prolonged use, the Husky air compressor is not an ideal choice. So if you are looking for something for continuous use, I recommend the Bostitch air compressor or Dewalt air compressor.

Expensive commercial model

Husky’s small and medium-sized air compressor comes at an affordable price. However, the expensive models come at a costly price. So this was the downside of the air compressor we noticed from Husky air compressor reviews.

Best husky air compressor for home garage use

Husky 1 Gal. Portable Electric-Powered Silent Air Compressor

It is a corded electric 1 gallon husky air compressor. It is perfect for home use due to its salient features. The maximum air flow is 0.8 SCFM at 90 Psi. Furthermore, it delivers 1.3 SCFM at 40 psi. The oil free pump will make it easy to use without need of maintenance regularly. There is a big regulator knob at the air compressor from where you can easily adjust its pressure. Above all an 1 quick coupler makes it easy to operate. The 60 DB noise level makes it one of the best devices to use at home.

Furthermore, the compressor has a cord storage to easily store the hose and cord. The durable wheels and sturdy handle make it easy to maneuver. The portable design also makes it easy to store for convenient use. It is great to use for operating with finishing nailers, inflation, and cleaning tasks.

Why do we like it?

  • Good air flow
  • Oil free pump
  • Asy operation
  • Low noise level

What do we not like?

  • Limited work use

Best husky air compressor for Commercial use

Husky C801H 80-Gal. 3 Cylinder Single Stage Electric Air Compressor

Do you want something large for commercial use? The husky 80 gallon air compressor is here. The black color 80 gallon capacity electric air compressor is ideal to use for all your heavy duty purposes. It is a heavy weighted large product with 80 gallon tank capacity.

The corded electric model is great to use for all your job needs and workshop needs. Instead of being heavy weighted its design is limited and can be stored easily. The husky single stage electric air compressor is noisy. However, this is true with most of the heavy duty husky air compressors.

Why do we like it?

  • Large heavy duty model
  • Single stage air compressor
  • Multipurpose use

What do we not like?

  • Noisy


The husky air compressor is worth the money when purchasing something high quality at affordable prices. Their heavy models are also great for commercial use. The small models are the choice of thousands of homeowners worldwide. So overall, Home Depot (Husky) Air compressors are good to buy. Consider all the pros and cons before making a purchase and decide wisely.