5 Best Portable Air Compressor for Easy Travel

Compact, lightweight, and versatile are the primary features of a portable air compressor. Finding all three factors in one compressor can be difficult for you. So, we have done the homework and are here with the best portable air compressor.

With them, you can travel easily and pump air in pool toys, mattresses, sports equipment, along vehicles. Let’s get into reviewing them and know what each has to offer.

5 Best Portable Air Compressor for Traveling

1. DEWALT Air Compressor Combo Kit (DWC1KIT-B) – Best Portable Air compressor Overall

GEHUAY Portable Car Tire Inflator
  • Weight: 37.2 pounds

  • Dimension : 20 x 17 x 19.5 inches

  • Power Source :  AC

  • Comes with a Carrying Case :  No

  • Warranty :  One year

If you are finding a compressor kit that allows you to carry on the trimming site, here you have one. Dewalt’s kit is the best portable air compressor kit coming with a brad nailer.

As a brad nailer, it is fully adjustable for different sized nails. It drives a nail from 5/8 inches to 2 inches to help you furnish the entire cabinet or space you are working on. It is also a good option for DIYers.

Although the sound this air compressor produces is 75.5 dB, it is easy on your ears. You can tolerate this much sound, but it’s not the quietest compressor you’d come across.

Dewalt’s compressor consists of two couplers along with a digital meter. Due to these couplers, you can allot work to one of your guys and get the job done in half time. The tank size of 6 gallons is good enough to keep you working for long hours to come.

The maximum pressure it has to offer is 165 PSI. And at 90 PSI, it gives off 2.6 CFM. Considering this, it’s safe to say that you can also use it for inflating the tires of your car truck, SUVs, pool toys, or mattress in your home.

Where numerous other compressors fell short of working in cold weather, this one does. It is an oil-free design, so you need not maintain it every day of the month. It weighs 37.2 pounds and is a bit heavy to travel with.


  1. Low sound level
  2. Good tank size
  3. Easy to read and accurate gauge
  4. Comes as a kit
  5. Adjustable and high pressure


  1. Heavyweight

2. Kensun Portable Air Compressor – Most Quietest Portable Air Compressor

Kensun Portable Air Compressor – Most Quietest Portable Air Compressor
  • Weight: 4.02 pounds

  • Dimension : 11.8 x 4.3 x 6.7 inches

  • Power Source :  AC/DC

  • Comes with a Carrying Case :  Yes

  • Warranty :  Two year

Apparently, a difficult-to-stash-out compressor to inflate your tire on the road is annoying. That’s why we suggest you put your bucks on the Kensun compressor, which is lightweight of 4.02 pounds, with a handle on top to make it easy to carry.

It is both AC and DC plug compatible. That means you can use it for inflating the tire of your car when out and pump air in your child’s pool toys at home.

One noticeable difference is the length of the cord of the AC and DC plug. While the AC cord is 3 feet 3.4 inches, the DC cord is 10 feet 9.9 inches, making it each all four tires of your car.

The maximum pressure it agrees to provide you with is 120 PSI. No denial, it’s average but still good for inflating tires. Equipped with two motors, the output of the unit is remarkable. It inflates objects real quick.

Other than PSI, you can also measure the unit in BAR and KPa. And all this is done through a single tap on the button present on the compressor.

Know that it also includes multiple nozzles in the package. So you can get the job done without having to look for a few attachments here and there.

After all, the manufacturer provides you with a carrying bag. This carrying bag keeps the compressor from dirt, dust, and elements that reduce the lifetime of your compressor.


  1. Easy to operate
  2. Both AC and DC plug
  3. Comes with nozzle attachments
  4. Includes carrying case


  1. Noisy enough

3. ALL-TOP Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor Kit – Best Value for Money

Kensun Portable Air Compressor – Most Quietest Portable Air Compressor
  • Weight: 16 pounds

  • Dimension : 15 x 11.2 x 10.8 inches

  • Comes with a Carrying Case :  Yes

  • Warranty :  Two year

Give All top heavy-duty air compressors a chance to impress you, and it will. The air compressor comes featured with a quick recovery time and duty cycle. It works for 180 L/min, which means you get a quick outcome with it.

The air compressor consists of 150 PSI maximum and a large cord of 6 feet 5 inches. Along with that, it includes a few nozzle attachments and a hose of 26 feet. Thanks to this large nozzle, it becomes versatile and a potent unit to inflate tires of trucks, cars, and SUVs of different brands and sizes.

Coming with a nylon case, it protects your unit from the water along with dirt, dust, and grime. Not only this, it’s the bag due to which the unit becomes easy to transport from point A to B.

Even though the motor is designed with a heat dissipation channel, it does get hot. So, you need to be careful when busy working or you might burn your hand.

To prevent your unit from tipping over while the motor is on, it comes installed with rubber feet. These rubber feet keep the unit standing tall on the ground and have a weight of 16 pounds.

Take note that you are also provided with 24 months warranty on buying this compressor. So, why not once check its price?


  1. Quick outcomes
  2. Compact and lightweight
  3. Coolbox design
  4. Comes with a nylon bag
  5. Long hose


  1. Gets hot

4. Bahradody Portable Air Compressor – Most Lightweight Portable Air Compressor

Kensun Portable Air Compressor – Most Quietest Portable Air Compressor
  • Weight: 1.66 pounds

  • Dimension : 8.6 x 5.9 x 2.7 inches

  • Power Source : DC

  • Comes with a Carrying Case :  Yes

  • Warranty :  Three years

Look no further if you are peeking for the most lightweight portable air compressors of all. This air compressor is what you are searching for as it consists of no more than 1.66 pounds weight. Although it becomes easy to carry this way tips over, sometimes.

Not only is it lightweight, but it has a vigilant and smart design. It is featured with five preset pressure for trucks, cars, bikes, and balls. You can access them through the “M” button.

Integrated with LED light, it’s a blessing to have on a silent road in the nighttime. It illuminates the area of working and helps you inflate the tire quicker. Auto shut-off feature gives you freedom and peace of mind on the matter of tire’s over filing.

Out of the box, it has multiple nozzles, a long cord of 10.66 feet, and a hose of 1.64 feet. Combined with all these pieces of equipment, it reaches all four tires of the vehicles to inflate them.

Not only do you get the readings on the gauge in PSI, but it also gives you the reading in BAR and KG/CM2 certifying itself as versatile enough. Unlike others, it comes with a power cord storage area to stow it back after getting the job done.

Just like the air compressor above, it also backs you with two years warranty. This makes it a stealing deal. So, forget not to check its price.


  1. Long cord
  2. Preset pressures
  3. Lightweight
  4. Built-in LED and auto shut off
  5. Two years warranty


  1. Tipple over easily

5. VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor – Best Budget-Friendly Air Compressor

Kensun Portable Air Compressor – Most Quietest Portable Air Compressor
  • Weight: 4.3 pounds

  • Dimension : 9.25 x 5.5 x 6.75 inches

  • Power Source : DC

  • Comes with a Carrying Case :  Yes

  • Warranty :  One years

Being short on a budget is no more a problem when you have a Viair compressor in the town. It is an air compressor under $100, so you can afford it easily and store it in the co-pilot box of your car.

The 85p portable compressor consists of 60 PSI as the maximum pressure. This makes it fit for cars, bikes, pool toys, basketball, and so on. At 0 PSI, it gives off 1.6 CFM for ultimate working.

There is an LED light integrated into the air compressor. However, it brings a very small area into visibility and focuses on inflated tires.

As a portable unit, it is lightweight of 4.3 pounds. It also comes with a handle to displace without leading it to fall over. While the power cord of the unit is 10 feet, the air hose is 3 feet.


  1. Quiet
  2. Powerful and solid built
  3. Easy to handle
  4. Small footprint


  1. Not compatible with the AC plug

Guide to Buy the Best Portable Air Compressor

Finding an air compressor to travel with is not an easy job. You need to check out the primary pointers before buying it. And those pointers are listed below for your convenient purchasing.


Checking the weight of an air compressor should be your priority. This is because portability is highly dependent on weight. However, make sure it’s not way too lightweight, or it will fall over and over again.


When you are keeping an air compressor in your car, you have limited space – be it the trunk of your car or the storage box of a co-pilot. That’s where a compact size air compressor comes in handy, so give an eye to its length, breadth, and height.

Power Sources

Agreed that you are buying a portable air compressor; a few additional features are always good, though. Try to have an air compressor with both AC and DC plugs. So, when you are outside, you can inflate tires and pools toys at home.

LED Light

An ideal portable air compressor comes with an LED light. This LED light brings the tire, attachments, and the working area into visibility. So, you are free of spotting a mobile flashlight on the tire.

Cord Length

Remember, a large cord length allows you to reach all four tires of your car, truck, and SUV. That is why the cord of your compressor should be longer than 3 meters. So, you can get the tire inflation job done easily.

Carrying Case

Since you’ll travel along with an air compressor, it should be safe from the dirt and mud that you come across while riding. In that regard, try to handpick an air compressor that comes with a carrying case.

Price and Warranty

Besides features, there are two things you should check in your air compressor: Price and warranty. Check one product’s price and compare it with the other. However, make sure you keep the product’s features in view while comparison.

A long-time warranty that backs you is always a sigh. It allows you to rest assured of your product and ease your buying decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand is portable air compressor best?

There is multiple portable air compressor as the best. In top brands, you can count on Kensun, Dewalt, All-top, and Viair. They provide you with impeccable products and top-notch built and are must to have in the trunk of your car.

How does a portable air compressor work?

The portable air compressor comes with a DC plug. This plug gets paired with the cigarette lighter switch in your car. Once connected, all you need to do is set the pressure of the compressor and get it started for tire inflation.

What size portable air compressor do I need?

The size of your air compressor depends on your use. If you buy one just to inflate tires and keep it in the car, one should have the least weight and be compact enough. And, for multipurpose, that is both inside and outside the house, you should have an average-sized compressor with AC/DC plug.


These were the best portable air compressor in the town. They are backed by renowned brands that have versatility and exclusive features coming along. To have the best option out there, we have mentioned a detailed guide.

Buy one now that’s easy to carry, consists of a handle, and is compact enough.